Sunday, April 28, 2019

CIPD Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 2

CIPD - Essay physical exertionSome internal and external factors are discussed below to realize their impact on the employ handst relationship. field of view and grievances are the guidelines that are incorpo straddled in the beau mondes policy and have a broad significance in shaping the behavior of employees in the company. These guidelines are the rules that teach the individual about the companys culture or way of conducting operations. These guidelines play a very important role in employment relationship. Ethics in the company also derives from these guidelines and every employee in the organization is liable to take it. Policies design the structure and that structure shapes the behavior of individuals in the company. (CIPD, 2013a).In the employment law comprise even out refers to the equal pay should be given to both men and women for the same job. None of the employer is allowed make biasness in giving equal salary or wages to men and women. The measuring standards for equal pay should be the productivity or other majors that does not consider any kind of discrimination among them. Women and men should be equally treated at the proceedingplace and their rights should be protected completely. Gender discrimination is the solely factor that is considered in equal pay law. Another perspective to analyze the injustice in equal pay is the comparison of pay with the market wage rate. If the company is paying low wage rate then it will negatively affect the employment relationship. (CIPD, 2013d).In the employment clause, religious discrimination is in good order mentioned. In many countries like UAE and US there are huge number of people does not belong to the religion of most of the US and UAE people but still they are living with their bear identity. Government has the responsibility to incorporate in the employment law regarding visas, work permits and emiratisation without any biasness in the processes. The work permits should be given to the dese rving candidates by

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