Sunday, April 28, 2019

Critical Communication Event on Radio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Critical Communication Event on Radio - Essay voiceMedia covered the event as the lack of communication between the Airline personal and the Orto but many people believed that Airline personal must let the Orto to board the plane, however, Airline personal have the intellection that a person with such size may be a problem for the neighbor passenger. In fact, the rude attitude of Orto led him to be refused to board the plane.The event caught the attention of many passwordpaper and news agencies, where most of the reporters have the view that it was the impolite attitude of Orto that made the authorities to deny him from boarding the plane. As the communication event, the event sounds a communication gap between Orto and the Airline personnel but taradiddle is full of the events that made people to think in the manner that a authority wants. It could be openhearted for the people to have knowledge about the rules of the Southwest Airline. However, it could be worse for the people who are physical objected to sink extra money to buy extra seat as per their size. As the radio communication lacks to target certain audience, the messages are conveyed to all the people irrespective that the messages could harm the mind of a person or a group of people.eTurboNews Inc. (2010). Passenger not allowed to board the plane because hes too large to fly. eTN. Retrieved October 28, 2011, from

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