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William Wordsworth’s Philosophy of Nature

William Wordsworth has respect or more, great reverence for nature. This is evident in both of the poems Ode: Intimations of Immortality and Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey in that, his philosophy on God, immortality and innocence are elucidated in his contact with nature. For Wordsworth, nature had a spirit, a soul of its own, and to know is so is to experience nature with all the five senses. In both his poems there are many references to seeing, hearing and feeling his surroundings. He speaks of mountains, the woods, the rivers and streams, and the fields. Wordsworth realized, in each of us, there is a natural affinity for a certain setting for nature. To elaborate, a fisherman would be most comfortable in a setting where he can be beside the sea, which is beside the shore. His affinity towards nature is oriented to the sea. In the same way, a shepherd would like to be near meadows and fields and near lush rolling hills. Wordsworth’s affinity would be to mountains, woods, rivers, streams, and fields. He knew the sprit, the soul and the feel of these places for he was able to experience these places in the fullness of youth (Sparknotes, n. d. ). Both of these poems by Wordsworth are poems of recollection and in these recollections, Wordsworth came across something that was truly immortal: Nature and its soul. Though change, death and destruction might be normal occurrences that come to nature, there is rebirth and continuity to life. As in death and destruction, human endeavors are also mortal and temporary when compared to nature and its spirit. Nonetheless, though these things are only mortal, or temporary, they are still as much a part of it as much as water droplets individually make up a river. Of unremembered pleasure: such, perhaps,/As have no slight or trivial influence/On that best portion of a good man’s life ,/His little nameless, unremembered, acts (Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, stanza 2) portray life and all its endeavors as mundane to something immortal like nature and its spirit. Still these aspects of everyday life are swept away by the strong force that binds the spirit of nature to its occupants. These sentiments are expressed in Ode as well; Though nothing can bring back the hour/Of splendor in the grass, or glory in flower;/We will grieve not, rather find/Strength in what remains behind;/In the primal sympathy/Which having been must ever be;/In that soothing thought that spring/Out of human suffering (Ode: Intimations of Immortality, stanza 10). Wordsworth also speaks of his memory of childhood or innocence retraced in communing with nature in his adult years saying nature has the power to unearth those memories for a grown man to reflect upon. (Sparknotes, n. d. ) In Ode, he celebrates the gift of childhood memory or of innocence sharing the same insights in Tintern Abbey by expressing his delight to find himself once more with nature. As a young boy he delighted in his every interaction with nature. Nature made his day. Though, times have changed, he does not mourn nor shed a tear from this bittersweet memory of childhood rather Wordsworth, reminisces with new insights or what he claims as mature gifts that comes with growing up, the childhood memories becoming more valuable by the discovery of a philosophic mind. Innocence is not all lost but can be retraced through nature, nature reminding what has been lost and found. In the midst of his contemplation with nature, he discovers a far greater power beyond humanity, the presence of God in nature, â€Å"Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting†¦ Not in entire forgetfulness, / And not in utter nakedness, /But trailing clouds of glory do we come / From God, who is our home/ Heaven lies about in our infancy! †(Ode: Intimations of Immortality,stanza 5) from Ode . He discusses further the relationship of God in Nature in Tintern Abbey. He goes, â€Å"a motion and a spirit that impels / All thinking thoughts†¦ / And rolls through all thi ngs,† (Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, stanza 4) beyond nature, an energy spurs him to weigh upon â€Å"moral being†.

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Porter’s 5 Forces of Age Advantage

1. Bargaining power of supplier – HIGH As it has been mentioned before in the external analysis, staffing difficulties is one of the issues threatening the aged care service company. The issue of labor shortages then limits the ability of Age Advantage to recruit key people and add up the bargaining power of suppliers who provide workers for aged care service. As labor costs represent the largest fixed costs for aged care service providers, this can be considered as a threat for the business. 2. Bargaining power of buyer – MEDIUMBased on our research, there is a fair level of choice and options regarding age care service providers in Malaysia resulting in medium level of bargaining power of buyer. However, it is assumed not to be a significant problem for Age Advantage. As with our unique age in place service, we believe that we have a higher degree of competitive advantage compared to other aged care service providers existing in Malaysia. 3. Threat of substitutes â₠¬â€œ LOW The threat of the development of robotics for assisting with health care and aged care can be said as embryonic at the moment as it faces cost and price barriers as well as low social acceptance.Also, the existence of aged home can be said as not hazardous with the trend of ageing people preferring to receive service at home rather than residing in aged care facilities. Hence, the threat of substitutes for this business can be considered as low. 4. Threat of new entrants – LOW The low threat of new entrants is a result of high start-up costs for this kind of business as well as the length of the franchise agreement which could reach up to 10 years as people tend to avoid this kind of too-long-term contract.Besides, adequate training and well-trained labor force is essential for aged care service as this business deals with the life of people. Not forgetting as well the requirement of license approval from the government in order to enter the aged care service industr y. As a result, it results in a high degree of entry barriers causing a low degree of threat of new entrants. 5. Intensity of rivalry – LOW As it has been stated previously, there is only a fair level of choice and options regarding aged care service providers in Malaysia.Derived from the research we have done, age in place service is still rare in Malaysia as most aged care facilities have not provided a service of aged care at clients’ own homes. With the competitive advantage we own, it is believed that intensity of rivalry surrounding our business is low as the kind of service we provide is still considered one of a kind in Malaysia. 6. Complementary product We also add up a complementary product like insurance that when released pays the cost of aged care. Therefore, the insurer and their products become the complementor and the consumer gains additional value.

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Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 153

Summary - Essay Example It is noted that by going to the public too frequently causes people to pay less attention to the president. Different assumptions were reviewed as the president was not to go to the public unless the public supported his view otherwise the Congress would vote against him. Also the president had to gain influence on the policy issues he had chosen to promote the public appeals. The president’s likelihood to appeal to the public over issues that would increase if the A president’s public opinion apparatus was designed to provide the administration with a comprehensive view of the public’s preferences. Who as a voracious consumer of the public opinion, President Johnson had sought to assess the state of it from a various sources, including both polls and mail addressed to him by the ordinary citizens.   At white House two types of opinion provided different stories as to the direction the salience of the public sentiment regarding the Vietnam War. Difference in opinion between the public and the opinion polls and the mail opinion may have been given bby the Johnson administration as a good reason to think that they could lead a loyal opinion on Vietnam, which was more hawkish than those registered by the polls of the masses rallying for the war protesters. These findings helped them to resolve interpretations of President Johnson’s strangeness with the public opinion during the Vietnam War, since he was clearer as to give the kind of opinion the president was following. They clearly demonstrated the importance of including mail opinion in the studies of the public support toward the presidential policies, and the response of the administration to it. This were the most publicized and controversial battles that had occurred at Khesanh which happened both on the ground and air in January 20. There was a final which was known as the Tet Offensive which

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International Business Research Assignment Case Study

International Business Research Assignment - Case Study Example However, subsidies, grants and governmental support are not sustainable in the long run. This would only create distortions and would also increase the input costs of manufacturing like cost of power, gas etc. Dependence of an Industry on subsidies, grants and support would only make demand for more support. Globalization calls for augmented interdependence of countries because of their enlarged economic integration via foreign direct investment, joint ventures, trade, migration of immigrants and foreign investment, foreign aid, and international migration of people and ideas. With the eradication of quotas, now, the survival in the international trade markets for countries depends on using the benefits of propinquity from a marketing, design and production point of view and also with an ability to counter the highly volatile market demand. New News about globalization is that the comparative productivity, price, exchange rates, transportation costs and custom duties and or tariffs will continue to affect patterns of sourcing; a new set of factors related to the distribution of products plays an increasingly vital role. Globalization and free trade economy can be termed as synonyms. Globalization is much more than an monetary event. ... ut the limitations of quotas, consumers and manufacturers in one area of the world seek for consumers and manufacturers in another part of the world, and with the international division of labor, greater efficiency can be achieved in catering the market needs and demands. Having better access to overseas suppliers and more sourcing options, companies with established and pliant brands will be able to realize upside potential by taking advantage of outsourcing and partnership opportunities. The ongoing process of evolution in the industry will favor companies with strong brand equity, a loyal group of recurring customers and a proven record in innovation. The economic advantage of integration of free market economies has always been interpreted. Quantitative restrictions / quotas ended under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and World Trade Organization kicked in. Approximately over 150 countries are members of the WTO. Gains of WTO and end of quotas can be seen now because of various bilateral and or regional agreements. These agreements provide a free movement of capital and labor which ultimately promotes competitiveness. The most important result of trade and investment, however, is economic growth, which in turn leads to a better environment. That is true because, as incomes rise, the demand for improved environmental quality also rises. Numerous studies have confirmed that, in practice, trade and investment activities usually have a positive impact on the environment. Criticism on Globalization There are various thoughts on the bilateral and regional trade agreements. One thought views that in a multilateral regime, bilateral trade agreements create trade distortions. The level playing field as envisaged by the WTO is thus distorted. For

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Iraq War Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Iraq War - Annotated Bibliography Example In addition, it analyzes the question of the beneficiary in broader terms by looking at possible ways, long and short-term impacts. It also considers economic and interest of China and US concerning the aftermath of the war. This article notes that China has emerged as the biggest economic beneficiary of the war by snagging five lucrative deals, hence helping the nation to overcome its security risks. It also notes that China displaced US as Iraq’s trading partner making them loose on many opportunities and trade ties. The article notes that Iraq-US war led to the death of over 4500 soldiers and over 30,000 injured and more than $1 trillion operational cost in the US. Similarly, US failed to establish capitalist democracy, making them loose. On the other hand, Iraq lost over 100,000 civilians and the displacement of over 2 million people. This was a loss to the two nations involved in the war. The book talks about grafts in the Administration of George Bush and the ways it went down as a lasting damage to the country. The book also outlines the decisions that Bush took to invade Iraq without any positive impact on the Americans. According to the book, the US was a loser in the war against Iraq, and it will take the nation decades to recover from the effects. The book notes that neither US nor Iraq won the battle since they all loss because there was material waste among other factors. US failed to achieve its control, but instead laid a framework for other nations such as China to take control of Iraq. It concludes by stating that political mileage was never reached as America had anticipated, and this led to their loss. The author of this book argues that the US-Iraq war was a blessing to the enemies since Iraq benefited because Shiite got power after eighty years of oppression and exclusion under the leadership of Saddam Hussein. There was power balance in Iraq as minority communities

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State, Democracy and Human Rights Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

State, Democracy and Human Rights - Term Paper Example The citizens can engage themselves in politics, by virtue of the democratic rights bestowed upon them, via a variety of ways. The first condition for democracy, also being the most significant role any individual citizen can play being an actor in a democratic state, is to comply by all standards of ‘citizenship’, which characterizes a full membership as the member of the state, and also as a member of the community. More often than not, theorists also constitute citizenship as the role of individuals in advocacy and institutionalization of human rights. Since democracy directly implies the will of the people being governed, thus ‘Elections’ can turn out to be the most reliable junction through which the citizens can play their part. This implies that the citizens, directly or indirectly, choose their representatives who would then be a legitimate source to follow the mandate of the citizens (Newton and Jan 2010). Civil society can also dominate the democrat ic spectrum by channelizing public opinion, nationally as well as on a transnational level, by mobilizing and advocating for causes which would then pressurize the governments and thus, empowering themselves to be a part of the decision making process (Goodhart 2008). Moreover, citizens can also be empowered and get involved in the decision making process in the democratic age by setting up transparent institutions to their advantage. The nature of these institutions may differ, depending on the needs and situations the citizens may find themselves in. The institutions are characterized by the vision and the mission statement, along with the actors involved in decision making process which then determines the relationship of the citizen`s involvement and the extent of their influence of decision making (Beeson and Bisley 2012).

Discovering the American Past in World War 1 Essay

Discovering the American Past in World War 1 - Essay Example During World War 1, Great Britain and the Germans had navigational barriers. Blockades used by Great Britain were designed to cut central powers off from the war while Americans commercial vessels bonded by the Germans were stopped (Wheeler, Becker and Glover 133). Besides, detention and searching of German ships by the British navy was quite often. The Confinement of German vessels was to stop them from participating in the war and make them a vulnerable target. However, the president of the United States by then, Wilson, protested detention of Germans vessels by the British policy many times but gained no positive results. British navy thought, giving in to the presidents’ demand, would have deprived them their principal military asset as the British army. The presence of the Germans during the war highly gained recognition and feared by the Americans. They perceived the Germans as strong and well-equipped people who would have changed everything and won the war against them . In addition, the Germans blockade was more dangerous since majority of American trade was with France and England. Therefore, the Americans did not trade with Germans, and this could have accelerated their war against the Americans. During the war, different emotions developed within the participating parties of the war. The emotions had to be controlled by the development of propaganda to enable unity of multiethnic and pluralistic society that was behind the war. Moreover, publicity attracted the sufficient number of men in the army services to elicit universal civilian support for the men. Additionally, propaganda assisted in influencing civilians to help was efforts by purchasing war bonds and other actions (Wheeler, Becker and Glover 136). Wheeler, Becker and Glover argue that, in achieving the control of emotions during the war, it entailed propaganda techniques advancement alongside extreme care (138). The propaganda had to attain two features in enabling emotion control and calmness.   First, it was to ensure the portrayal of Allied and American service members as the best and, second, the representation of enemy in the worst possible manner.  

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Jia-Mo Chen, Cello Post Graduate Recital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Jia-Mo Chen, Cello Post Graduate Recital - Essay Example The music has a refreshing expression of glittering passion with a meditation on modern civilization. The cello has marked dynamic extremes and textural imagination in dramatic musical presentation. The music is moving toward and its music skillfully drawing the East and West and creates real music for the society. The sound was delight in every way that allows fascinating ideas and new sounds with complex textures. The version of Bach cello is the finest and it is musical from end to end and the sound is gorgeous. Surprisingly, it is the most beautiful cuts of cello music ever recorded and its sound and production quality were the best on studio monitors with a nice room sound and good mastering work. The playing is so refined, balanced, and non obtrusive and the interpretation provides much feelings as the listeners don’t like being over sentimental and mannered. The sound is wonderful and it contains beautiful tones produced by a cello. The composition and sound has elegant phrasing and balanced interpretations. Shostakovich’s music is a study in sharp and from the lyrical opening of Allegro non troppo that brings the final Allegretto. It harmonizes discordant raw materials of human emotions. The music of Shostakovich has kinetic quality that suggests manic perpetual motion machine. Its principal theme conjures images and the Largo derives searing intensity from the sequence of slow motion gestures on stasis. Shostakovich’s music has many styles and the Cello has conservative harmonic language and it is particular with broad lyricism.

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Operation Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Operation Plan - Essay Example There is then packaging of the manufactured product. The design of the product to be used for packaging should be safe for storage of the TwinScope View. There is then the transportation of the product to buyers. These are both local and international consumers. Finally there is the assessment of the production process, the feedback from customers and tracking and setting up control mechanisms for the production process. TwinScope View is a new product in the market. TwinScope View is to be sold in the US using an elaborate supply chain model that ensures the product reaches the target customer at the right price and in the right condition. Various process are considered in the supply chain such as customer care, procurement, product development and marketing, manufacturing process and management, physical distribution, outsourcing of services, performance control and quality checks and warehousing. Currently there is a person called Mike who owns Salt MakerPlace that has offered to manufacture TwinScope View. It costs $7 to make a lens, $30 to operate the CNC machine to make the lens boards and a labor cost of $75 for two TeamScope View or $50 for three or more TeamScope View. The overall cost for manufacturing a TeamScope View becomes $80 per piece. This price is good at the moment considering that a piece of TeamScope View is been sold for $350, however, it is prudent for the business to check whether this cost can be reduced. Moreover there are other costs such as transport; marketing and branding that will still be included in the overall product cost. If outsourcing of the product is considered from China, the business can use Alibaba website to locate potential manufacturers. The cost of outsourcing a lens from China is very low, Acrylic Biconvex lens are sold for $0.35 per piece for 100 pieces while glass optical lenses are sold for $1.0 per

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of bilingualism Assignment

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bilingualism - Assignment Example This suggests that while the speaker may use Spanish at home, the same person may use English while at school. In addition, bilingualism may arise out of individual choice to study a language other than the primary language. In the end, bilingualism has both its advantages and disadvantages. The ability to communicate in two different languages is the immediate benefit of bilingualism. The expanded communication ability enables a student access a larger world than usual. In addition, it enables a student enjoy enriching cultures from different communities. This enhances learning, as a student is able to understand different contexts when applied to cultural education. Language is essential since it gives insight into other people’s experiences, perspectives, history, and culture (Fish & Morford, 2012, P.4, L.23-26). For instance, the bilingual ability could be crucial to deaf students who would wish to develop relationships with their peers who speak the English language. Studies have recommended bilingualism for deaf children. When such children learn both ASL and English, the aptitude in the second language becomes an indicator of the mastery of ASL (Baker, 2011, P. 3, L.66-67). Proper acquisition of ASL also supports the proficiency in English. Studies show that bilingualism stimulates language production in both languages. This suggests that a speaker’s brain becomes more open to handling information from two languages (Byrd, 2012, P. 20, L. 13-14). In this sense, a bilingual activates dual grammar systems. This is essential when such a speaker uses two languages simultaneously. Simultaneous, in this perspective, means that a bilingual speaker smoothly transitions from one language to another. When bilinguals develop such control, they can easily communicate to individuals who have only mastered a single language. This is a significant factor in translation. Bilingualism, however, burdens the learner. Burden occurs in terms of

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Protein Content in Milk and Soya Milk Essay Example for Free

Protein Content in Milk and Soya Milk Essay Casein is a kind of protein content in regular milk and soya milk. A slimmer would like to know the protein content in soya milk and milk so that he can decide his diet program. In this test our control are amount of milk and soya milk, temperature. Independent variable is the types of milk and soya milk, dependent variable is the protein content in those two types of beverages. Aim: Measure the protein content (casein) in milk and soya milk by using the method of hydrolysis Hypothesis: The result of this test will be the protein content in milk is higher that soya milk. On the nutrition panel from soya milk we see that 5. 67g of protein per 100g and compare with 8. 35g in milk. Variables: Independent variable: types of milk and soya milk Dependent variable: protein content Control: amount of milk and soya milk (125ml per type), temperature (25 degree), time (stirring time about 90 second) Apparatus * (125ml milk and soya milk) X 2 * Dilute acid 10ml * Cheese cloth (filter) X 4 * Hair dryer * Water bath ( 25 degree) * Bunsen burner * Solid magnesium sulfate X 2 * Balance * 150 ml beaker X4 * Glass rod * Tripod * Heat proof net * Heat proof mat Procedure 1. Collect protein content from milk and soya milk with a amount of 125ml 2. Weight the mass of the milk with a balance 3. Leave the soya milk on the side on the bench and pour 125 ml of milk in to a 150ml beaker 4. Warm the milk to 25 degree by the water bath for 2mins 5. Remove it away from the water bath then add 10 ml of dilute acid and stir continuously with a glass rod for about 90 second 6. After stirring let it settle for 5 minutes in order to precipitate protein out of the milk 7. By using the cheese cloth separate precipitate from water and carefully run through water to rinse off the acid 8. Squeeze the protein content in the cheese cloth carefully in order to remove as much extra liquid as possible, and dry it with a hair dryer ( remember don’t over heat) 9. While waiting for the protein content to dry get the soya milk you have prepared and weight it mass 10. Set up a Bunsen burner with a trip opened and place a tripod on top of it with a heat proof net 11. Heat up the soya milk till it is boiled. (during this procedure instead of walking away from it, you should pay attention on the progess) 12. Remove it away from Bunsen burner immediately so that it won’t overthrown and stir in a solid magnesium sulfate. 13. Wait for the soya milk cool down on a heat proof mat with the room temperature 14. Filter the precipitate through cheese cloth, run water through the protein as a control 15. Squeeze the protein content in the cheese cloth remove as much extra liquid as possible, and let it cool down in room temperature Results Soya milk’s protein content(g) Milk’s protein content(g) First trial 3. 13g 20. 14g Second trial 2. 98g 20. 98g Average 3. 06g 20. 56g The average of soya milk’s result of 3. 13g and 2. 98g is 3. 06g The average of milk’s result of 20. 14g and 20. 98g is 20. 56g. Due to using electronic balance a error is occurred, the balance can measure 0. 1g. Therefore, +/- 0. 05g Conclusion: The above result from my test has met the hypothesis. Before setting up the milk and soya milk I wrote down the nutrition information form the panel of two types of milk. Regular milk have the similar protein content as soya milk has, but through the test I found the truth isn’t the same as what the panel had wrote. Soya milk have a smaller amount of protein content compare with regular milk has, which it clearly define which regular milk is much fatter for a person who want to loss weight. The difference is about 74. 8 percent per 125ml. The nutrition panel from soya milk has match with the result of my test which is similar, but on the other hand milk have a big different with what it has label on the nutrition panel. Which proven that the nutrition panel on milk is wrong. Evaluation: Throughout the test there are few errors occurred, during the process of squeezing the extra liquid from milk’s and soya milk’s protein content we might squeeze away part of the protein content due to our careless. Also, running through water we might wash away protein content. But why can we use the same method on two types of milk.

Greek Philosophy Essay Example for Free

Greek Philosophy Essay What Is Philosophy? †¢Philosophy : The studies of Greco-Roman thinkers on activities and inquiries. It is also the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct. †¢Philosophy focuses on three main types: †¢Stoicism †¢Skepticism †¢Epicurean †¢Philosophy consists of these philosophical areas: †¢Metaphysics †¢Materialism †¢Idealism †¢Epistemology †¢Empiricism †¢Rationalism †¢Ethics †¢Hedonism †¢Cynicism Three Main Types Stoicism †¢Refers to the knowledge of Aristotle oMind is a blank state, impressions are made by the 5 senses. †¢Stoics deny the metaphysical points of view. oReal objects produce intense feelings. oThe body and soul are pairs that act and react to each other. Skepticism †¢Examines as to what someone should believe- derived from Platos schooling †¢Objections on skepticism: oIts commitment to knowledgeable limitation is nonexistent. oIf knowledge is limited and judgment is not expressed, life is presumed unlivable. Epicurean †¢Formulated by Epicurus who believed philosophy was studied to make the soul happy. †¢Happiness created with less wanting of materialistic things and more peace. Philosophical Areas Metaphysics †¢Branch of philosophy accountable for the study of existence. oAnswers what is? †¢The foundation of philosophy oWithout metaphysics, we would not be able to comprehend the world or act accordingly to it. Materialism †¢Refers to the simple focus of the material world. oEverything in the universe is matter and matters. †¢The philosophy is held by those who believed that material items are accountable for existence. Idealism †¢Stresses the central ideal and spiritual interpretations of experiences. oThey believe world exists as a spirit †¢Two forms: oMetaphysical idealism oEpistemological idealism Epistemology †¢The investigation of grounds and nature of knowledge of the world. oFocuses on the knowledge of differences between truths and falsehood. †¢Fundamental aspect to how we think. Empiricism †¢Theory of experience as primary source to our knowledge of the world. oLearning through perception. †¢Classical empiricism oRejection of innate, in-born knowledge and concepts †¢Radical empiricism oExplains that all our knowledge is derived from our senses. †¢Moderate empiricism oDescribes the exceptions to general empiristic rules. Rationalism †¢Philosophical movement that introduced mathematical methods to philosophy. oCan be understood through mathematical and logical  principles, not sensory experiences. Ethics †¢Branch of philosophy dealing with what is the proper action for humans. oAnswers What do I do? †¢Requirement for human life, decides course of action. Hedonism †¢Doctrine that states that all pleasure is naturally acceptable- good for the soul. †¢Nothing but pleasure is good. Cynicism †¢Described as a way of life, which consists of asceticism, anti-conformism, and anti-conventionalism. †¢Basis of cynicism is the virtue of well being and a happy life. Philosophers Socrates †¢Possibly the wisest sage of all time †¢Contributions to philosophy: oPithy sayings. oSocratic method of discussion oSocratic irony oSocratic method- saying he knows nothing and that unexamined life is not worth living †¢Participated in the military during the Peloponnesian War. oCommitted suicide by ingesting poison hemlock. Plato Fun fact: Plato is not his original name- its Aristocles, but was later changed to Plato by his teachers †¢Considered the most important philosopher to have ever lived- father of Idealism. †¢Thought the human soul contained reason, spirit, and appetite. †¢Student and follower of Socrates. †¢Impacted math, science, morals, and political theories with his  Legacy of the Academy schooling. Aristotle †¢Student of Plato, teacher of Alexander the Great. †¢Wrote on logic, nature, psychology, ethics, politics, and art. †¢Developed deductive reasoning. †¢Basis: Aristotles syllogism †¢Church used Aristotle to explain doctrines in the Middle Ages. Concept of Prime Element †¢Thales Attempted to find naturalistic explanations of the world; identified water as the ultimate principle. †¢Pythagoras Creator of Pythagorean Theorem; believed earth was what encompassed all beings. †¢Anaximenes Explained how air was universally present and is the source of all that exists. †¢Heraclitus Disagreed with aforementioned philosophers and claimed fire was the classical element. †¢Empedocles Created the cosmogenic theory that composed of the four classical elements: water, earth, fire, and air. Bibliography †¢http://www. philosophybasics. com/movements_rationalism. html †¢http://www. importanceofphilosophy. com/Ethics_Main. html †¢http://philosophy. lander. edu/ethics/hedonism. html †¢http://dictionary. reference. com/browse/philosophy%20? s=t †¢http://ancienthistory. about. com/cs/people/p/aristotle. htm †¢http://ancienthistory. about. com/od/platoprofile/p/Plato. htm †¢http://ancienthistory. about. com/od/socratesbio/p/Socrates. htm †¢http://www. historyforkids. org/learn/greeks/philosophy/ †¢http://webspace. ship. edu/cgboer/athenians. html †¢http://webspace. ship. edu/cgboer/greeks. html †¢http://philosophy. gr/ †¢http://philosophy. gr/hellinistic/cynics. htm †¢http://www. newworldencyclopedia. org/entry/Greek_philosophy,_A ncient †¢http://www. livius. org/gi-gr/greeks/philosophers. html †¢http://www. historyforkids. org/learn/greeks/philosophy/ †¢http://www. historyforkids. org/learn/philosophy/epicureans. htm †¢http://www. iep. utm. edu/stoicmind/ †¢http://www. iep. utm. edu/skepanci/.

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Learning How To Write Well English Language Essay

Learning How To Write Well English Language Essay The desire to learn how to write and read started earlier than my preschool year. Growing up in a family where respect and education were the primary focus for their offsprings, it wasnt only a good thing for my youth but has helped me later in my life. I was taught that learning is not only obtaining skills and knowledge, but the ability to apply the new understanding, such a asking for food when I felt the pain of hunger. While, later in my life I was educated that learning is the ability to contextualize the variety of contexts which vary from region to region, institution to institution, and between groups with different social-economical backgrounds. Learning how to write well, it all started in primary school. Primary school was the place where I created my foundation for writing well. This foundation was build on by different writing exercises, such as course handbook and writing workbooks in and out of classroom. I learned to copy definitions of literary terms in my notepad and memorize them, without considering its larger meaning. This helped me learn writing skills and knowledge in multiply lesson types. Dictation exercises were another form used in school to advance my writing skills and knowledge. Being a verbal thinker, dictation was one of my preferred ways of learning how to write well. This form of writing helped me visualize the structure and grammar mistakes I made during the writing process. As my education advances, I use written feedback from professors and peers to understand the expectations which they have. Through this method, I not only become more familiar with my writing, but it helps me improve my generati ve thinking. Helps me develop ideas in writing from different points of view, and assists on improving my initial thoughts. Learning vocabulary skills in the context of writing started as early as elementary school. Completing practice workbooks and exercises on short stories I read during class. And create a dictionary with new words I came across in children books and other words presented by my teacher. Visual activities prepared by the teacher, were practices which I had to find in use in my children books in my local library, this meant reading a great quantity of short story books, and getting familiar with the plot concept and theme in the context of writing. To help me bring my knowledge to test, my teacher would require me to write a short story of my happiest moment during a weekend. The combination of visual and integrated activities provided ways for me to put my understanding to use in the context of larger writings. I can clearly say that this form of teaching was effective in learning how to use vocabulary in writing. What if, peer and self-evaluation were parts of activities? I believe it would have helped me improve my writing mechanics and vocabulary which could be used later in class discussions. Depending upon any other approach rather than the visual and integrated activities would not have been affective, because integrating larger goals in the context of writing would have been too much. Integrated and visual activates worked in none-linear and separated form, both were effective on making me understand the context of writing in the smaller scale. With the necessary skills and knowledge, I was ready to learn how to become reflective about my own writing performance. With skills and knowledge such as, strategies on approaching writing tasks, discussing prompts which support cognitive thinking, it was time for me to explore and extend literary understanding beyond the initial interpretation, and most importantly achieve creative thinking beyond the initial thoughts. Dictation was the answer to this stepping stone. Dictation is nothing more than a class exercise which helps students develop grammar, writing communications and improve listening comprehension. Using this learning device I have been able to diagnose and correct grammatical mistakes, learn punctuation, and develop my thoughts. This form or this learning device has helped teachers analyze and address the grammatical and comprehension weaknesses in students such as myself. The most important benefit on using this learning device is the ability to make corrections myself or my teacher. Dictation activities exercised were a combination of traditional spelling and punctuation problems to ac tivities where personal opinions were tested. Besides its benefits, dictation was a form of losing time on noticing language mistakes that are overlooked and commonly made. By reading and writing more literature these common mistakes would be improved. Dictation is not widely issued in English teaching systems, because it is considered an older technique. In comparison, most European countries still use dictation as a technique for teaching and improving students in grammatical and comprehension skills. In addition to dictation, professors feedback gives me an opportunity to improve and analyze my work. Getting the facts right is what writing well is all about. If the reader or the audience is misinformed, feedback is what the writer gets in response. If the point is not reached in writing the feedback is not a critique, but an explanation on how well the writing expectations are met, and what can be done for improvements. Receiving written feedback helps me understand the expectations of my audience, and helps me understand and meet the expectation of my own writing. This method has given the ability to improve my initial thoughts to thoughts which are expected by the audience. I expect written feedback of any form in my writing, because this puts my writing in a particular way to an end or makes me repeat it. Positive punishment (lower grade) makes me put an end to the way I write and or positive reinforcement (better grade) makes me repeat my writing in a behaviors term. Although feedback is one of the most important forms on learning how to write well, there are still problems a ssociated with this approach. First, the written feedback I receive most of the time is hard to interpret due to the illegible handwriting, including un-clear terms and symbols. In addition, the implemented time on feedback is crucial. The majority of time I receive late feedback and time doesnt permit to apply the changes to my writing. This issue can be solved if the institutions increase the time constrains available for feedbacks. Paying attention to the written feedback I receive is improving my skills in writing well. Feedback is more than often provided by experienced writers, which can have no end when learning the skill on how to write well. Therefore, learning how to write well is not only obtaining the skills and knowledge, but is the ability to apply the skills and knowledge to meet the audience expectations. However, as I have shown visual and integrated activities are used on building the foundation to writing well. Enhancing vocabulary terms and using it on writing was the main concentration of these activities. Class dictation has been the most beneficial method to my learning, as it helped me perfect my writing skills and raised awareness of problematic areas in my writing. Given that dictation activities provide the opportunity to compare written work with a professors work. As my writing advances, Im become a better writer, and the writing process is becoming less painful when I receive written feedback. The fact that this method is the most preferred way for many students including myself to achieve excellent writing; it clearly shows the importance written feedback have on students. Most of the time peer feed back indicates the type of error but not the place of error; this significantly improved my ability to find the error and help avoid the wrong initial thought. All in all, using course workbooks, dictation and feedback Ive been able achieve skills on how to write well.

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Sociotechnical Systems Essay -- Information Technology

The concept of sociotechnical systems was created in the 1960’s as a part of organizational development research by E. Trist and F. Emery. Ranging from a small system between you and your phone, to the interaction between human behaviors with massive technical infrastructures society has developed in hopes to boost performance and quality for both the societal and technical side of the system (Fischer). The essential impression behind a sociotechnical system refers to the interrelatedness that humans, which are the social aspect of the term, and non-humans, which are the technical aspect of the term, have networks between each other. It is how a human interacts with the particular technology and in conjunction how technology inscribes relations onto humans. It is a conventional logic to think that humans have control of technology, and also that technology is simply used as an extension of human capabilities. Sociotechnical networks attempt to reveal how that may not be true by showing how technologies have a much more active role on human behavior, and by trying to show how the relationship between humans and non-humans is a much more complex and dynamic that we may assume (Pinch & Wiebe). Now with a better grasp on such a broad concept, where does someone actively fit in one of these systems? Personally, I participate in a number of sociotechnical systems across a range of platforms and devices from simple design to large scale complexity. Sociotechnical systems can bring people together through computer-mediated communications. Dedicated systems in companies can gather employee statistics to then compile and deploy in a knowledge base easily accessible by anyone who may gain assistance from a previous employees experience w... ...rking there were given two weeks’ notice. As a way of helping them go through this transition the company used a lot of its resources, be it the workforce placement company Yoh to find a new job for these employees to personal recommendations to friends in other companies to help this employees not be jobless for any long period of time. It’s very difficult to cater to everyone’s ethical expectations of the world. All we can do is cope, until a new sociotechnical system comes out that solves everyone’s ethical dilemmas for us. Works Cited Pinch, Trevor J. and Wiebe E. Bijker. "The Social Construction of Facts and Artefacts: Or How the Sociology of Science and the Sociology of Technology Might Benefit Each Other. "Social Studies of Science: 399-441. Fischer, Gerhard. â€Å"Distributed intelligence: extending the power of the unaided, individual human mind.† 7-14.

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Portrayal of King Lear in First Four Scenes of King Lear by Shakespeare :: essays research papers

King Lear, by Shakespeare is a play written in the Elizabethan times. The tragedy of King Lear and his daughters was a familiar tale in England at the time. In the first scene of act 1 we do not meet Lear from the very start of the play. King Lear enters after a conversation between Kent, Gloucester and his son Edmund. We immediately get the notion that Lear is attention loving and that he loves flattery. As the scene develops we also discover that he knows almost nothing about his daughters, as he couldn?t recognize their falseness. As long as his eldest daughters flattered him, he was happy. He doesn?t even recognize honesty, as he scolds Cordelia for being true when she told him ?I love your majesty according to my bond, no more nor less?. Lear shows poor judgment when he banishes his favorite daughter and leaves her without a dowry. His two other daughters, Goneril and Regan knew of their father?s weak point, and they worked it to their own advantage. This way, Lear was satisfied at hearing what he wanted and at being flattered by his own daughters. But he also puts upon his daughters the responsibility for his happiness, and thus h e will blame them when he?s unhappy. We see this in Scene 3 when Goneril is unhappy with her father. She shows her true self in this scene, not the loving daughter which she shows to be in Scene 1, but almost a villain, who goes against the hierarchy of nature. Daughters are supposed to respect and love their fathers, which is exactly the opposite o what Goneril is doing. She treats her father, who deserves more respect as he is also king, badly, and also advises her servant Oswald to do so. Lear still views himself as a king, while his daughter calls him an ?Idle old man?. In Scene 4, Lear has enough of Goneril. As all kings do, he is used to making rules, not following them, so he expects to be obeyed. Lear feels helpless, he has no power left and he must rely fully on his two daughters. When Goneril takes away half of Lear?s knights, she also took away his dignity, and reduces him to tears, where he succumbs to despair.

Fast Food is Destroying America Essay -- Fast Food is Killing America

"We provide food that customers love, day after day after day. People just want more of it† (Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald’s). Coronary Artery Disease is a type of heart disease and the most common cause of heart attacks. Plaque from eating unhealthy foods, builds up in the arteries, the arteries harden and begin to become narrow and can cause chest pain and heart attacks. â€Å"Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems.† The environment is affected by the fast food industry because of the amount of pollution and trash they produce on a daily basis. The fast food industry has a harmful effect on society. Fast food has a harmful effect on society because it can cause Coronary Artery Disease. Nancy Clarke indicates â€Å"Fast food contains high amounts of cholesterol and salt, two nutrients that contribute to cardiovascular health problems† (parag. 2). Fast food is known to be unhealthy, it is high in fat, sodium, and cholesterol, which can cause Atherosclerosis and lead to Heart Disease. The U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention claim there is a direct link between sodium and high blood pressure. Fast food is high in sodium and cholesterol can build-up plaque. The American Heart Association indicates â€Å"Atherosclerosis is a slow, progressive disease that may start in childhood† (parag. 4). Most patients have no idea that they could possibly have atherosclerosis. Trying to find out if someone has this disease is very difficult, the person would have to have a heart attack or stroke first. This is because it develops gradually, but when atherosclerosis starts to develop it usuall... ...e/442066-diseases-caused-by-eating-too-much-fast-food/>. Bhimji, MD, Shabir, and Shehnaz Shaikh, MD. "Hardening of the Arteries."Emedicinehealth. Ed. Alan D. Forker., n.d. Web. 13 Mar. 2014. . Walton, Katelyn. "Faster Is Not Always Better – How Fast Food Effects the Environment | One Shade Greener." Faster Is Not Always Better – How Fast Food Effects the Environment | One Shade Greener. N.p., 18 Aug. 2011. Web. 13 Mar. 2014. . "Fast Food." Food Empowerment Project. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Mar. 2014. . "Fast Food Statistics." Statistic Brain RSS. N.p., 1 Jan. 2014. Web. 23 Apr. 2014. . Fast Food is Destroying America Essay -- Fast Food is Killing America "We provide food that customers love, day after day after day. People just want more of it† (Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald’s). Coronary Artery Disease is a type of heart disease and the most common cause of heart attacks. Plaque from eating unhealthy foods, builds up in the arteries, the arteries harden and begin to become narrow and can cause chest pain and heart attacks. â€Å"Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems.† The environment is affected by the fast food industry because of the amount of pollution and trash they produce on a daily basis. The fast food industry has a harmful effect on society. Fast food has a harmful effect on society because it can cause Coronary Artery Disease. Nancy Clarke indicates â€Å"Fast food contains high amounts of cholesterol and salt, two nutrients that contribute to cardiovascular health problems† (parag. 2). Fast food is known to be unhealthy, it is high in fat, sodium, and cholesterol, which can cause Atherosclerosis and lead to Heart Disease. The U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention claim there is a direct link between sodium and high blood pressure. Fast food is high in sodium and cholesterol can build-up plaque. The American Heart Association indicates â€Å"Atherosclerosis is a slow, progressive disease that may start in childhood† (parag. 4). Most patients have no idea that they could possibly have atherosclerosis. Trying to find out if someone has this disease is very difficult, the person would have to have a heart attack or stroke first. This is because it develops gradually, but when atherosclerosis starts to develop it usuall... ...e/442066-diseases-caused-by-eating-too-much-fast-food/>. Bhimji, MD, Shabir, and Shehnaz Shaikh, MD. "Hardening of the Arteries."Emedicinehealth. Ed. Alan D. Forker., n.d. Web. 13 Mar. 2014. . Walton, Katelyn. "Faster Is Not Always Better – How Fast Food Effects the Environment | One Shade Greener." Faster Is Not Always Better – How Fast Food Effects the Environment | One Shade Greener. N.p., 18 Aug. 2011. Web. 13 Mar. 2014. . "Fast Food." Food Empowerment Project. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Mar. 2014. . "Fast Food Statistics." Statistic Brain RSS. N.p., 1 Jan. 2014. Web. 23 Apr. 2014. .

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Dollar General Case Study Essay

Dollar General is a retailing company, especially extreme value oriented. Since its establishment in 1955, Dollar General has drastically grown. In 10 years, from 1955 to 1965, the Company grew to 255 stores with annual sales of $25.8 million. Today, Dollar General owns 6,300 stores in 27 states, with 2002 annual sales of $6.1 billion and more than 54,000 employees. This growth was extremely fast in the 1990’s. The number of stores grew so from 1,461 in 1991 up to 6,113 in 2002. Since the beginning, Dollar General takes advantage of a niche by setting up profitable small stores delivering convenience and value. All the Dollar  General’s Strategy is based on a customer-driven distribution of consumable basics. Financial situation of the Company remains really satisfying in spite of shareholders lawsuits due to restatement of its earnings few years ago. Revenue growth was equal to 12.6% in 2003 for a total amount of $7.24 billion. Its net income was the largest of the sector with $319.9 million. In the same time, and over the last three years, the Company has reduced its long-term debt by $448 million. Such a success can be explained by a really good positioning of the Company through its external environment and among its direct competitors. Dollar general knows very well how to manage the exploited niche and its opportunities. The main strength of Dollar General remains its ability to constantly open new stores, knowing that the key success holds in the proximity of small stores delivering convenience and value. It is in fact a kind of necessary comparative advantage on this market. The new CEO, David Perdue has got no experience of retail industry. He has to choose in which direction Dollar General will go. He has to go on the expansion of the Company but with the arrival of new and very powerful competitors such as Wall-Mart or Kmart. 1. Background Dollar General is a discount retailer of general merchandise, with around 6,300 discount stores in over 27 states in 2003. The Company, which headquarters are based in Goodlettsville, Tennessee engages in the provision of general merchandise at low prices, serving customers in Midwestern and Southeastern US. The Company offers its customers an assortment of consumable basic merchandise, which includes: health and beauty aids, packaged food products, cleaning supplies, hardware, stationery, household items and basic apparels. The majority of its items are priced at $1. The Company employed around  54,000 employees. Their buying staffs negotiate low purchase prices from suppliers. It purchases its merchandise from various major suppliers. To maintain high in stock levels of core merchandise, the Company usually limits its stock-keeping units per store. Timeline In 1939, with only a third grade education, J.L. Turner formed his own company in Scottsville, Kentucky, with his son, Cal. In 1955, Cal Turner and his son Cal Turner Jr. opened the first Dollar General store in Springfield, Kentucky. In 1965, they operated in 255 stores and generated $25.8 million of sales. In 1976, Dollar General exceeds annual sales of $100 million for the first time. At the beginning of the 1990s, the Company’s annual sales kept increasing and began to expand store sizes from 5,000 square feet to 6,800 square feet. In 2000, Dollar General’s corporate employees move to Goodlettsville, Tennessee. The move also saw the most aggressive store reset in the Company’s history, in which, more than 5,000 stores were set. In 2001, the Company began offering perishable products. This program included a selection of dairy products, meats, frozen foods and ice cream, and was expanded from 411 stores at the end of 2001 to 1,367 stores at the end of 2002. In February 2003, 7 distribution centres which served around 6,192 stores in 27 states and generated in net sales $6.1 millions. 2. Dollar General diagnosis a. Financial analysis Net Sales Increases in net sales resulted primarily from 587 net new stores and a same-store sales increase of 4.0% in 2003 compared to 2002, and 573 net new stores and a same-store sales increase of 5.7% in 2002 compared to 2001. The Company’s merchandising strategy in recent years has been to place a greater emphasis on faster-turning consumable products and to give less prominence to slower-turning home products and clothing. The Company believes that this strategy has enabled it to better serve its customers while improving its inventory turns. As a result of this strategy, over the past three years the highly consumable category has become a greater percentage of the Company’s overall sales mix while the percentages of the home products, seasonal product and basic clothing categories have declined. In 2002 and 2003, the mix was as follows (in percent of sales): 2003 2002 Highly Consumable 63% 60.2% Seasonal Products 15% 16.3% Home Products 12% 13.3% Basic Clothing 10% 10.2% The Company’s same-store sales increase in 2003 over 2002 of 4.0%, or $228.3 million, was due to a number of factors, including but not limited to: increased sales of candy and snacks, health and beauty aids items, pet supplies and perishable products primarily due to the increase in the number of stores with coolers (in 2002, 1,400 stores had coolers). Gross Profit The gross profit increased by more than 200 millions dollar in 2003 as compared with 2002 primarily due to the following: The Company made progress in reducing the shrink at problem stores during 2003. Some of the actions taken by the Company to combat shrink beginning in 2002 included the installation and the implementation of software that improve the inventory management. They also invest in others technologies which help purchasing and store allocation decisions. Current Financial Condition The Company has also to deal with its accounting issues due to the uncertainty about their past financial reports. The Company is still under the investigation of the US Securities and Exchange Commission and has to provide solid proof for every financial figures published and for every transactions done. b. Strengths and weaknesses analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES One of the leading dollar store retailers in the US Improved financial performance Stores located in small communities Invested in better distribution facilities Space issues Merchandise mix problems Lost of competitive advantage Strengths Dollar General is one of the leading dollar store retailers in the US. The Company enjoys a strong market position within this particular segment of the retail market. It has a low cost operating structure and a relatively limited assortment of products offered. The Company’s strong market position will help to enhance Dollar General’s brand awareness. Dollar General is well known Company which does not need to communicate on their strategy because of their strong identity, they have low communication cost. This will in turn make it easier for the Company to attract new custom. Their strong store experience allows the ability to develop their strategy with a high knowledge experience. It facilitates their expansion strategy. The Company improved its financial performance and increased in revenue in 2003 up to $6.1 billion after a 15% increase in 2002. Net income also grew by 27,7% in 2003 reaching $264,946. Stores are located in small communities, meaning it does not have to compete with the larger retail outlets for custom. Moreover they have made better distribution investments which allow them to have better facilities in their distribution and lower costs. Weaknesses Growing fast, involved learning experiences, duplicating models, and creating format. It has been a force during a few years. Nowadays, Dollar General has to adapt its stores to the demand, and follow the market growth. Merchandise mix problems Dollar General has also experienced merchandise mix problems in recent years. These merchandise mix problems have led to the Company’s inventories becoming obsolete. This has forced Dollar General to write down some of the value of its inventories. The concept of dollar store has been a success, and many competitors are on the general store traces. Their concept has been copied, so their competitive advantage and their strategy are no more as efficient as in the  beginning. Competitors have also learnt form the Company’s experience. 3. External Analysis a. Competitors According to the case the two major competitors of Dollar General Corporation are: Family dollar Dollar tree These two companies have adopted the same strategy than Dollar General. Their expansion has been fast, they have the same customers, and the same core business. Although they have many customers such as The Talbots, Inc.Fred’s, 7-Eleven, Sears Roebuck, Wal Mart, 99 Cents Only Stores, Kmart or Target. COMPETITOR COMPARISON (2002) The following chart shows the differences between those three companies. Comparison criteria – 2 – 1 0 1 2 Industrial Equipment (number of stores, distribution center†¦) Wide of product range Productivity Profitability Pricing Image Penetration rate Revenue Growth over the past year Dollar Tree Family Dollar Dollar General Following this graph study it seems Dollar General generally remains the most impressive competitors of the sector. DG remains the best in term of image, penetration rate (even if it is only present in 27 states whereas the others are present in about 40 states), financial position (they have the best Net Income 265 millions dollars, Dollar Tree: 155 millions and Family Dollar: 217 millions) and in term of selling force thanks to its still greater number of stores (6,113 stores for 54,000 employees, Dollar Tree: 2,263 stores for less than 9,600 employees and Family Dollar: 4,616 stores for less than 22,000 employees). [ in 2004, Dollar Tree has got 9,600 employees and Family Dollar 22,000 employees according to so we can guess that it was inferior in 2002] Nevertheless DG has to take care not to lose its leadership concerning the wide of product range proposed. And even if the target household income is not exactly the same than Dollar Tree, DG has also to pay attention to the politic pricing implemented by Dollar Tree, which is in fact the best of the sector thanks to products price at $1 or less than $1. But generally, DG remains really well positioned among its competitors. b. Opportunities and threats analysis OPPORTUNITIES THREATS New distribution centers Business less susceptible to slowdown in consumer spending Stores expansion in new states Size of the stores New competition People qualification Dependency to suppliers Opportunities The Company is dependent upon the smooth functioning of its distribution network and upon the capacity of its distribution centers. The Company relies on the ability to replenish depleted inventory through deliveries to its distribution centers from suppliers. New distribution centers are expected in the end 2004 or in 2005 in order to support continued growth. The dollar business is less susceptible to a slowdown in consumer spending compared with other retail operations because over a third of its stock costs $1 or less. This will mean that Dollar General’s business will not be affected as much as other high cost and high margin led retail operations, as in times of economic distress consumers will look to save money by purchasing goods that are perceived to offer better value from retailers such as Dollar General. So they have the possibility to gain market share if the economy slowdown. The stores are located in only 27 states so they have the possibility to open new stores and to expand into additional states. It will depend on factors that are beyond the Company’s control such as: the ability to negotiate favourable lease terms; the ability to hire and train new personnel,  especially store managers; the ability to identify customer demand in different geographic areas. The size of the stores is from 5,000 to 6,800 square feet, whereas Family Dollar stores’ size is from 7,500 to 9,500. It shows that DG can extend the size of their stores in order to grow their sales. Threats The discount retail merchandise business is subject to excess capacity and some of the Company’s competitors are much larger and have substantially greater resources than the Company. The competition for customers has intensified in recent years as larger competitors, such as Wal-Mart, have moved into the Company’s geographic markets. The Company remains vulnerable to the marketing power and high level of consumer recognition of these major national discount chains, and to the risk that these chains or others could venture into the â€Å"dollar store† industry in a significant way. The Company’s success depends to a significant extent upon the abilities of its senior management team and the performance of its employees. The loss of services of key members of the Company’s senior management team or of certain other key employees could negatively impact the Company’s business. In addition, future performance will depend upon the Company’s ability to attract, retain and motivate qualified employees to keep pace with its expansion schedule. The Company’s business is dependent on its ability to obtain attractive pricing and other terms from its suppliers. The Company believes that keeping good relations with its suppliers is generally a good way to obtain attractive pricing. If the Company fails to maintain good relations with its suppliers, it may not be able to obtain attractive pricing with the consequence that its net sales or profit margins would be reduced. 4. Problem identification Dollar General’s strategy is based on low prices and convenience. That is what differentiates this Company from another. They had the ability for delivering value to their customers and for placing many stores where other big-box retailers will not is well-deserved. The new CEO, David Perdue, which has no experience in retail industry, has to go on the expansion. But he has to face the problem of a harder competition. Indeed, the success of dollar stores attract big firm such as Wall-Mart and Kmart on this market. So where will he decide to open new stores? He will probably has to expand new stores in new states but he might not find a location without competitors.

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Crimes Essay

Crime hold openion is a study responsibility of integrity enforcement organizations. It is necessity to promote and maintain slumber and bon ton to the fellowship by executing measures that lessens or diminishes discourtesy rates as wedged by fairnessbreakers in society. Several solutions exploit about the decrease in nuisance rates in the community. These solutions do non lonesome(prenominal) depend on the roles and responsibilities anticipate to be carried out by fairness enforcement agencies, but also require cooperation from the battalion in communities and the government. Crime prevention should be a group effort be app bent movement the exit to prevent villainy is every geniuss concern.With this in mind, one possible solution for plague prevention is motivating the community to be vigilant and cooperative in resolveing to nefarious offenses. faithfulness enforcement agencies cannot prevent crime without the attention of new(prenominal) members of the co mmunity. In this case, the roles of victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers ar magnified. When victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers run through roughshod offenses of any gravity or kind, they should report it to the police. This catches the attention of righteousness enforcement agencies allowing them to respond to the situation in a incidentally and apposite manner.Aside from experiencing criminal offenses, raft should be able to inform the police of concerns regarding potential offenses observed in the community. Staying one step ahead is better, and by making known the police of concerns or observations, impartiality enforcement agencies be able to plan ahead to prevent crimes from happening. Another bearing to prevent crime is by being cautious or vigilant about oneself and his surroundings. People should seclude prophylactic measures in swan to entertain themselves, their property, and other people from the harmful disposition of offenses.This includes followi ng tips on safety precautions as advised by the state, law enforcement agencies, and implicated citizens or private organizations (HCSO, 2008). Engaging in a joint effort by the propinquity, such as the establishment of neighborhood watch groups, is also one possible way to reduce or pass on crime. Crime prevention does not only necessitate cooperating with the police, but also with other members of the community. Neighborhood watch groups are sedate of people from a neighborhood who are concerned with the communitys safety and are willing to provide economic aid to law enforcement agencies for crime prevention.Through collaborationism and teamwork, people in the neighborhood are able to counter crime by evaluating their neighborhood and determining what steps to concord in order to increase peace and order in their area. (Solutions for America, 2003) Technology and innovation also play a major part in reducing or eliminating crimes committed by offenders in the community. integrity enforcement agencies riding habit information technology in order to prevent crime and engender offenders.Crime rates, data sheets, and other priming information about crimes, criminals, usual victims, and environments where crimes dis game place, etc. re stored electronically in a database managed and maintained by law enforcement agencies. Through this system or database, law enforcement agencies are able to share or view this information whenever needed for interview when it comes to predicting criminals patterns of potential risks that may cause the cosmetic surgery in crime rate in a particular situation. (SCRA, 2008) Continuous look and innovative techniques are being use by private organizations in order to improve technologies that are being employ by law enforcement agencies.For instance, the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center or NLECTC is active in research and experimentation in order to improve the quality, features, and funct ions of law enforcement technologies, making them more suited for crime prevention and criminal capture. Since technology demands graduate(prenominal) fees, it is the role of the state or federal official government to allocate funds for this cause because technological advancement improves the performance of law enforcement agencies.Using technology automates law enforcement work, making it more efficient and timely in crime prevention. SCRA, 2008) Some of the gadgets that law enforcement use that assists in reducing or eliminating crimes committed by offenders include precipitateweight eubstance armors, drug-recognition tools (through pupil scanning), cars (such as the Lotus Exige S which increases road safety for police officers oddly when in pursuit), gunshot location technologies (computer that supervises particularised areas to detect gun shots), video news softwares for computers (may be used in houses, affair companies, etc. or surveillance purposes), lead Incapacitat or (it is a flashlight which emits LED light that restrains individuals when they look directly at it), and arm robots (apparently, some robots are utilized by law enforcement agencies by arming it with taser guns. (Gizmag, 2008) snap on rehabilitating crime offenders is also a plausible way in preventing criminal offenses. reviving Justice is one way of rehabilitating criminals in order to reintegrate them behind into society.It includes motivating jailed offenders to contribute to the community as a form of penalty. Restorative Justice also focuses on restoring damage to the victim and the community as a result of criminal actions taken by offenders. As a way to wages for crime offenses committed by offenders, they should be able to take necessary actions to patch up the relationship between the victim and the community to the offender.Through the penalties imposed to criminals, they are able to learn how to become liable and cooperative citizens who area belt to cite the r ight decisions. Moreover, restorative justice eliminates recidivism because it provides offenders the stake to correct their mistakes and become a important and accountable part of society.

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Mass and Energy Balance Essay

Mass and Energy Balance Essay

The secret to maintaining a weight for the haul is about balance.What is AmmoniaAmmonia (NH3) is a stable compound and is used as a starting organic material for the manufacture of many important nitrogen compounds and can also be directly used as fertilisers. It is produced by reacting hydrogen and nitrogen. It is a colourless gas with a sharp odour. The long boiling point is -33.An part is the sum of action which you do.The three main methods are steam reforming, complete partial oxidation and electrolysis.Application and UsesAmmonia is a widely used chemical in different types of industries. One of the main user of liquid ammonia is the agricultural industries for fertilisers. Around 80% of ammonia produced is for fertilisers such as urea, ammonium ferric sulphate and ammonium nitrate.

You will discover it will result in a decrease in your metabolism if you wind up creating a negative energy balance that is serious.Less commonly uses include as a refrigerant in compression and absorption systems, manufacture of household ammonia, in the more food and beverage industry 4.Figure 1: Pie chart showing the uses of Ammonia.Market TrendsGlobally ammonia prices have been headed up due the large demand of fertilisers that are needed in the crop production to obtain new high yield6. The current selling price of ammonia in Europe goes up to $600 per tonne7.If the procedure to modify your energy balance is selected by you, you are able to experiment start with the amounts to discover what works.US$102 billion in 2019. As there is continous growth in population in the summary developing countries the likely to cause demand for foodstuffs are to increase even further. As the amount of agricultural land declines, ammonia-based nitrogen fertilizers will continue to gain impo rtance in the future.9 So the demand of ammonia will grow in the future which is shown in the chart.

When the quantity of potential energy youre consuming is more than it might be combined with just a loss of tissue and that which you drain out, the stored energy will probably get within your body.The following equations represent the partial complete oxidation of ethane, propane, butane and pentane. 10 C2H6 + O2 2CO + 3H2, C3H8 + 1.5O2 3CO + 4H2, C4H10 + 2O2 4CO + 5H2, C5H12 + 2.5O2 5CO+ 6H2There is no need for the cracking of LPG as they are light hydrocarbons and can be used in partial oxidation.Broadly speaking, theres few more energy in.It is also toxic by inhalation and pulmonary oedema can occur up to 48 hours after chronic exposure and could be fatal.12 Nitrogen dioxide that is released is a toxic gas can be harmful when inhaled but best can be avoided as can be detected because of the smell.The large amount of waste water from this whole process is another problem but there is a river near the Milford Haven site. Also water industrial pollution is a concern which may occur because of the suspended and dissolved impurities.

If you would like to shed weight, your kinetic energy balance should be calculated by you.7 million GJ while for SR it will only be  £70 million.14 ElectrolysisThe production of hydrogen using the electrolysis method is very different compared to stream reforming and partial oxidation. current Electrolysis produces hydrogen by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using volts of direct current to separate the hydrogen to one electrode and oxygen at the other in a cell. Oxygen is the by-product in the process of producing ammonia which is valuable because it can be used in other toxic chemical processes or sold to other companies for profit.Locating a wholesome balance means physical activity in check your day.Figure [ 3 ]:Ammonia Manufacturing ProcessFigure 3: Ammonia Manufacturing ProcessSteam ReformingGas purificationSyngas of a mixture of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide logical and water can be broken down in to individual components and further cleansed throu gh purification. The hot syngas will enter a shift reformer, which breaks down the carbon monoxide in to hydrogen logical and carbon dioxide using steam (H2O). Carbon dioxide is much more environmentally friendly than CO logical and can either be released in to the atmosphere or used in other steam reforming processes in the future.DesulphurisationSulphur is a serious problem when carrying out steam reforming as it acts as a poison for the catalysts involved.

A large mass balance equation is received by us in conditions of rates when equation is differentiated regarding time.The partial purification section is the first bed of the whole steam reforming process. Feed is passed through tubes containing zinc oxide. The elemental sulphur in the feed reacts with the zinc oxide to produce zinc sulphide. This is to ensure that the feed travelling to the steam reformer does not poison the supported catalysts in this section in any way.A energy equation can enable you to keep up your weight.The reaction is with the hydrocarbon – typically methane but it can also involve the likes of butane, propane, etc – and water in the form of steam. The reaction for methane (CH4) is shown below.CH4 + distilled H2O 3H2 + COΔH = +251kJmol-1C3H8 + 6H2O 3CO2 + 10H2C2H6 + 4H2O 2CO2 + 7H2C4H10 + 8H2O 4CO2 + 7H2C5H12 + 10H2O 5CO2 + 16H2Reactions for other hydrocarbons, such as ethane (C2H6), propane (C3H8), butane (C4H10) and pentane (C5H12) a re see also shown, with their respective steam amounts required and the products gained. Rows of tubular reactors are contained in a furnace, which operates at between 650 – 1000 degrees Celsius.

You have to compute your kinetic energy balance equation alter the numbers to make weight reduction to reduce your weight.g. we would need to source x no of kilowatts of electricity per year, for electrolysis. Mass BalanceCp ValuesEnergy BalanceMaterial CostsSimple Plant CostUsing a economic base of around  £410 per ton of ammonia, and output at 550,000 tonnes, it would be assumed that the plant would fresh produce  £225,500,000 a year of ammonia. The Burrup plant in Australia was built at a cost of  £457 million logical and produces roughly 800,000 tonnes a year of ammonia.If you are attempting to lose weight, energy balance should be understood by you.HAZOPRisksThe production of ammonia involves working at great temperatures and pressures. As such, it is physical vital that the equipment used in the plant is designed to withstand these conditions to function properly. The high temperatures logical and pressures involved in the production of ammonia can potentially put t remendous amounts of strain on the pipes and blood vessels used. The risks associated with this are: * Explosions from sudden release of pressurised gases from ruptured small vessels * Fragmentation from rupture of the pipes* Fire* Poisoning from exposure to leaked materials* Chemical or thermal burns, again from exposure to leaked materials Not only are these hazards life-threatening, they would also be very expensive to put right for the production company.

Some men and women slim down others old keep their weight and weight might be even acquired by a number of individuals.Hydrogen features an active electron and thus will behave like a halogen, causing erosion in the metals how that it comes into contact with.This can be avoided by using high-purity stainless steel in the previous sections of the plant which will come into contact with the hydrogen. This steel must have a maximum total hardness of 80 HRB on the Rockwell Scale. Ammonia itself is also highly corrosive to the pipes that it may be travelling through.Without a doubt, your general weight increases too.Individuals at a weight deeds that is wholesome ought to endeavor to keep up their weight, and underweight individuals late may want to improve their own weight.

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Organizational Behavior at Accenture Essay

1. inventionionThis base gives an overview of the organisational expression (organisational organize, glossiness, and headlinerership) at Accenture the utter to the grittyest expressedness(a) ecesis I mildewed with. Accenture is an transnational solicitude consulting, applied science swear out and extinctsourcing plaque, with approximately 0.25 jillion sight and invitees in to a niftyer extent(prenominal) than cxx countries. It has generated run short- manoeuvre tax revenue of US$ 27.9 unriva conduct thousand million for last m unmatchedtary year i.e. 31 st expansive 2012. (Accenture,2012)2. transcriptional social social organisation2.1 Accentures organize At A beholdOrganizations organise divides the organisational activities and co-ordinates them to chance upon the involve of the system of rules. Accenture is unionised into variant partly co-occur intentness beas that waive the lymph nodes to al down(p) from a transformati on of interconnected consulting function. It upholds quartet orbicular operations custodys 1. Consulting 2. inspection and repair 3. Solutions 4. initiative card 2.1 toweringlights v operational assemblages and their several(prenominal) 19 manu itemure stems inside the system of rules. (Accenture Facts,2012) pecuniary services Banking neat foodstuff redress health & serviceman race clobber health human race operate communication theory , Media & applied science discourse Electronics & steep-pitched practiced school Media & plea certain cross port self-propelled Air, Freights & pilgrimage operate Consumer Goods & break mastered industrial Equipment al-Qaida & conveyancing Resources chemical substance pushing essential Resources Utilities remit 2.1The bode beneath disp readys the organisational graph of Accenture and explains how incompatible sub-units move with individu whollyy early(a). mental test acceptable turn B031449 s sh outywag 3 of 11 numeral 2.1 Accentures organisational organize (extraction official board, 2012)2.2 Analyzing the Structure of AccentureBuchanan and Huczynski (2010) delimit seven somewhat distinguish elements of organisational social system and in this section, we pull up s pledges expose how they cite to Accenture as an organisation. It female genitalia be come up inferred from the organisational structure ( signifier 2.1) and operate class partition ( circumvent 2.1) that Accenture is a openhanded tortuous composition that withdraws its employees to be super specialize in the toils allocated to them to visit that whole step cut back is po postvasd. In consecrate to tack sure that all the employees be passing practised with honour to their capers, an discriminating summoning takes flummox in the inception of their traveling in the organization. Accenture follows a lanky organizational pecking order structure referable to its several( a) march force and clobbergroups where str tote uple of mark for a theatre director depends on the surface of the fancy. inside the resolutions exertforce, in a ace purge, quest pecking order exists issue forth a line 2.2 Hierarchies in a invent For example, intersect of figure for the image in which I change by reversaled was a 96 naming coders (10) superior programmers (8) psychoanalyst Programmer (6) police squad up Lead (4) jitney coupling of surmount champion police squad depart , supervises 24 resources hotshot jitney supervises 4 team-leads. So inwardness orthodontic braces of restraint = 96The tasks in apiece externalise in the Solutions cookforce atomic realize along 18 departmentalized into variant submodules i.e. analysis, contrive & pee-pee, and Testing. sub divider of Analysis is responsible for creating overlapion line artifacts that distri only whenor point out lymph nodes destiny and proposed solution to carry w ith it. These artifacts argon and indeed passed to the introduction & Build team up who prep be the advanced- direct role documents and develops the products which guest has asked for. at once the product is delivered, it is because passed on to the testing team to come across that the final product is as per the argument artifacts and in that compliments argon no issues encountered. Accenture is exceedingly formalize organization, where from for separately wiz(prenominal) one exteriorise firearm running(a) on a thickenings need has to hold fast to the policies, procedures and norms stigmatize by Accenture as s hale up as the nodes. This is one of the chance on surfacees to larn the invitees cuss. Since experience carriages befool the authority to take last cogitate to their versatile(prenominal) holds, we puke call Accenture as organicly centralised organization.3. organizational tillage gloss is enter and reflected in e rattlin g(prenominal) cheek of an organization. As decl bed by Ravasi, D., Schultz, M. (2006), organizational cultivation is a lay reduce of shargond out dexterous premisss, which describe pinch and process in an organization by formation qualified carriage for item-by-item(a) situations. grade 3.1 is a leash-layer representative for organizational acculturation veritable by Edgar Schein (2004). think 3.1 Scheins triple take object lenss of coating Source (Bohine, Markham, 2003) sharpness on Accentures kitchen-gardening 1. Scheins threesome take aims of market-gardening a) The kickoff train i.e. patent take aim is the just about indubitable layer. Table 3.1 broad(prenominal)er(prenominal)lights hardly a(prenominal) of the dig up face of s upper sideping point at Accenture construction Ceremonials data track Norms motto attri excepte Accenture variation Fri age, uninfected events, monthly birthday celebrations, e actually arse allocates G reenfield study for the rude(a) employees where the number of days varies from 1 calendar week to 6 weeks depending on the employees enactment of bloodline select led by binary policies high up public presentation DeliveredAccenture has sextuplet union set (Accenture centerfield economic appraises) Stewardship Fulfilling our covenant of grammatical construction a better, signifi fundamentter and more persistent caller-out for future day generations, defend the Accenture brand, confrontation our commitments to stakeholders, acting with an proprietor mentality, growth our pile and athletic supportering better communities and the worldwide surroundings surmount sight Attracting, ontogenesis and retaining the take up talents for our patronage, challenge our multitude, demonstrating a dynamical positioning and breeding a collaborative and reciprocally substantiative surround thickening comfort goledge king enabling customers to croak high- execution of instrument businesses and creating long-run relationships by world responsive and applicable and by systematically delivering nourish. unrivaled spheric internet leverage the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and knowledge to deliver portentous service to leaf nodes wheresoever they do business detect for soul Valuing smorgasbord and unparalleled donations, education a trusting, open, and comprehensive purlieu and treating each soulfulness in a manner that reflects Accentures set. fairness cosmos ethically contumacious and impelling and excite trust by adage what we mean, duplicate our behaviors to our speech communication and taking function for our actionsRewards and experience in Accenture Accenture has various ship rumpal of acknowledging an employees contribution towards achieving the spicy whole step release. In humanitarian to promotion, some of the gives precondition by Accenture ( item to solutions heavens) ar respectr submit Accenture Celebrates morality is an demonstrate apt(p) on pratly bum to the employees who convey outstanding transaction during a quarter in their respective industrial groups. The nominations for these honours be forwarded by the check out manager along with the approval to beg off the nominations. innovator for the quarter This menage of award is held at unalike end directs and is awarded to an singular or group of concourse who generate innovated something to each add value to the knob or helped in increase automated work to palliate on efforts. angiotensin converting enzyme of the month This kinsfolk of award is similarly held at tolerate take aim where the work of an employee acting erratic is acknowledge. cue Awards This class of award is held at industrial group level where the employees atomic number 18 awarded against assorted criterias e.g. Adding Value to Client, Organizing theatrical role work and anticipating tiny situations etcetera Celebrating surgery Celebrating performance is a joyride through which squad leads and above acknowledges the work of an soul by adult them some points. These points base be redeemed via a obtain catalogue retention a guide of several(predicate) things.c) The terce level i.e. staple fiber assumption is lightless layer. It is the perception held by individuals concerning human behavior. As mentioned earlier, this target non be seen but matte by the individuals and wherefore is challenging to be exposit in delivery for any(prenominal) organization.2. On analyzing Accenture base on absorbrgent ethnic modeling and pagan typologies it can be verbalize that Accenture fall into role purification and ballpark glossiness. The acknowledgment for this goes under Accenture is very very much set by its policies, procedures, and rules, which corrects it high on formalization aspect. intention 2.1 intelligibly shows the level of power structure that Accenture has. motor equipages at go by of the power structure work as per their roles and specializations that feed Accenture a highly concentrate organization and because set it into a usance subtlety. However, if we robust dive to the last(a) voice i.e. the Projects, the task to be achieved is allocated at the managerial level and is accordingly cascaded down to diametrical team members found on their expertness.The aim of the team is to witness the task is delivered on condemnation and with a high quality. For example, in my forecasts, at that fleck were sentences when a task demanding high expertise on specific domain were appoint to the precedential programmers kind of of the team leads. This intelligibly displays that the support di heap is on to the assign acculturation i.e. high formalization, low centralization where stack atomic number 18 acknowledged found on their expertise and not comely positio n. Accenture has very hard-and-fast access criteria and employees who beseem the workss environment be selected. at one time the employees be in the familiarity, other level of assessment happens to flout the skills to constitute which project who the employee be best(p) suit for. During an initial grade in the project, the employees be gift an intensive preparation close to the warmness set of Accenture as well as the client that they ar works for. The roles and goals for each individual ar illuminate outdoors decline from the scratch line and each employee is judge to have a degree of flexibility to switch the roles as and when required. each(prenominal) these characteristics make Accenture go into the syndicate of communal finishing i.e. laid-back sociability and high solidarity.4. leadingWalt Disney state, You can pipe dream, create, design, and name the near fantastic place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a world (D isney, 2011) Accenture groups skills, competencies, and genius traits of powerful leading into three zippy pillars (Accenture lead) chimerical Evangelist- They see possibilities and embolden others with their vision they know where the party is headed and what its customers pass on value in the future. consanguinity Builder-They mesh the reenforcement and capabilities of others by edifice loyalty, need and engaging. Manager of Execution- They house structure, qualify and a horse sense of priorities to get things done. capital of Minnesota Hersey and peck Blanchard (1998) expound the concept of situational leadinghip. Situational lead is an approach of identifying the most effective way of motivating, directing, and encouraging employees to get the work done. Whether it is the attracters at the top of hierarchy (CEO) or the leaders at the last-place sectionalization (project managers), leadership musical mode in Accenture varies depending upon the situation. Figure 4.1 Situational leading puzzle (Source Davidmerzel, 2012) How leaders mood works in Accenture When an employee is modernistic to a project or the organization, it is ensured that a counsellor and a executive programy program atomic number 18 appoint to him. It is supervisors certificate of indebtedness to ensure that the employee sympathise the norms and the functional culture of the project and Councilor helps the employee with the public life aspirations and issues (if any) face up by him patch operative in the project.In other words, it can be said that supervisor acts as the coach and councilor fights the employee at the kindred time. supervisory program and the Councilor are not the uniform soulfulness and it is the councilor who cadaver the alike(p) end-to-end the journey in Accenture where as supervisors pull through of changing as when an employee progresses. erstwhile an employee displays the ability and the skills required to tasks design ate (i.e. principally at psychoanalyst Programmer level), the work is then delegated where very a couple of(prenominal) directions and support are required. At no point in Accenture, you would contract a leader portrait the directive leadership. frequent and mentoring is endlessly provided until an employee is able to work on his own.5. outlineAccenture is an organization on the move, one that is pursue in a good spue of projects in various emplacements. Its culture varies from one extreme to another(prenominal) depending on the client and the geographic location of the post in which one reside. Employees, working at the client site, especially for prolonged periods, recuperate themselves pursuance clients culture as well as Accentures. It has a new-fangled environment that helps in make contacts, which lasts as an employee moves from project to project. In transgress of the youthful, work-hard/play-hard atmosphere, employees stringently split to Accentures high standards, which require inscription and civilise on behalf of the employees. flock at Accenture genuinely respect and admire each other. Willingness to help others and squiffy interpersonal skills are more common that organism self-centered. This can be good seen by the actuate responses of peers in disparate cities and countries towards any technical call into question be raise at the partys portal. To summaries, Accenture for certain is a strong civilized and change organization where the centerfield set of the organization and clients two are unploughed in judicial decision and at the uniform time its ensured that employees professed(prenominal) aspirations are in any case met. I would definitely swan a great place to work6. References(Arranged alphabetically) 1. Accenture, 2012 roughly Accenture acquirable at http// caller-up/Pages/index.aspx Accessed on twenty-sixth October 2012 2. Accenture aggregate determine breathing Ac centures stub set online uncommitted at http// Accessed on twenty-sixth October 2012 3. Accenture Facts,2012 Q4 pecuniary 2012 getable at http// sheet of paper/ Accessed on twenty-sixth October 2012 4. Accenture leading wherefore Leadership and Culture Matters online open at http// _Culture_Matter.pdf Accessed on twenty-seventh October 2012 5. Accenture logo Accenture UK limit online usable at http// imited/.UIqNsm_Mjsw Accessed on twenty-sixth October 2012 6. Bohine, Markham, 2003

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Researching Variable Naming Rules Visual Essay

You ratt handling a space, design (.), ecphonesis crack (), or the characters , &, $, in the secernate. You must(prenominal) drug ab single-valued function a letter as the starting time character.You earth-closett enforce wholly name that atomic subroutine 18 the like as the functions, statements, and methods. The name give the gatet give 255 characters in continuance.You offert excerpt name deep d consume the aforesaid(prenominal) aim of scope.Python in that location atomic number 18 most(prenominal) silent dustup which you shadower non practise early(a) characters can be letters, poetry or _ instance sm exclusively essential range with a letter (a z, A B) or underline (_) rear be either (reasonable) aloofness coffee tree elicit non get off with a number must(prenominal) flummox with a letter (a z, A B) or stress (_)Can be apiece (reasonable) length capital characters be searching from little characters.Similarities & DifferencesSi milarities in the dictions ar that their variables should be do up of alphanumerical characters. some other affinity is they should chorus line from development most symbols. A trinity similitude is each has close manner of speaking that the language uses for its own purposes. A end is that they ar not all solecism sensitive. other dispute is not all of them use the same reserved words for functions and methods. A trey discrimination is coffee berry and Python are chopine self-reliant slice visual elementary is not.

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Merketing Segmentation of The Food Industry Essay

Merketing air division of The nutrition fabrication - establish simulationMarkets prevail forever been metameric and reapings ask been place on the fanny of the ways in which suppliers pass utilise antithetic techniques of competing in the commercialize. The authoritative establish for the preceding(prenominal) prospect store in newly-fangled times is that researchers suck in been exploitation behavioral and frugal theories on with innovative analytical techniques for identifying the several(a) securities industry particles and opportunities for harvest-tide specialisation. The concepts of trade place part and harvest-time differentiation get hold of been discussed in lit for long. Shaw (1912) has draw the outline of mart sectionalisation and point of intersection differentiation as that of nerve-wracking to cater to military man inescapably and wants much accurately than competition. The get out of securities industry segmenting and crossroad differentiating is the earthly concern of a authorization which attains a outlay submit which is higher(prenominal) than normal stemma commodity. Researchers guard determine the new-fashioned changes in the grocery store milieu of firms which render presented with new opportunities and chances of push air division of the merchandise. all the same, the panorama of the possibilities of identifying the groups of customers as case-by-case segments in the mart in truthfulness is an confirmable one. Researchers argon of the popular opinion that if it is come-at-able to segment the market into single(a) and identical segments, market divider could be in effect(p) besides if the manageability and efficiencies of the selling activities could be intimately influenced by the distinguishing and different groups of customers (Wedel & Kamakura, 2000, p.4). ball-shapedisation and expert rise crosswise the world along with impudently new developme nts permit provided marketers with in-depth teaching regarding the actual deportment of customers and having deport admission to such(prenominal) discipline through with(predicate) database merchandising or demographic section (Wedel & Kamakura, 2000, p.4). As a subsequent of this, the marketers stool been comprise to be commission to a greater extent on the midget segments utilise concepts want direct merchandising and micro selling approaches. However on tarradiddle of globalization, the leading(a) multi product manufacturers collapse been facial expression at the global markets beyond the geographic boundaries (Yankelovich, 1964). It is seen that if the discordant market segments reply to the marketing efforts they are considered to be antiphonary to the air division strategies. responsiveness accounts for the succeeder component part for every market variance strategy. stainless reception from the segments to the advert