Thursday, July 25, 2019

Jia-Mo Chen, Cello Post Graduate Recital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Jia-Mo Chen, Cello Post Graduate Recital - Essay Example The music has a refreshing expression of glittering passion with a meditation on modern civilization. The cello has marked dynamic extremes and textural imagination in dramatic musical presentation. The music is moving toward and its music skillfully drawing the East and West and creates real music for the society. The sound was delight in every way that allows fascinating ideas and new sounds with complex textures. The version of Bach cello is the finest and it is musical from end to end and the sound is gorgeous. Surprisingly, it is the most beautiful cuts of cello music ever recorded and its sound and production quality were the best on studio monitors with a nice room sound and good mastering work. The playing is so refined, balanced, and non obtrusive and the interpretation provides much feelings as the listeners don’t like being over sentimental and mannered. The sound is wonderful and it contains beautiful tones produced by a cello. The composition and sound has elegant phrasing and balanced interpretations. Shostakovich’s music is a study in sharp and from the lyrical opening of Allegro non troppo that brings the final Allegretto. It harmonizes discordant raw materials of human emotions. The music of Shostakovich has kinetic quality that suggests manic perpetual motion machine. Its principal theme conjures images and the Largo derives searing intensity from the sequence of slow motion gestures on stasis. Shostakovich’s music has many styles and the Cello has conservative harmonic language and it is particular with broad lyricism.

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