Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Operation Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Operation Plan - Essay Example There is then packaging of the manufactured product. The design of the product to be used for packaging should be safe for storage of the TwinScope View. There is then the transportation of the product to buyers. These are both local and international consumers. Finally there is the assessment of the production process, the feedback from customers and tracking and setting up control mechanisms for the production process. TwinScope View is a new product in the market. TwinScope View is to be sold in the US using an elaborate supply chain model that ensures the product reaches the target customer at the right price and in the right condition. Various process are considered in the supply chain such as customer care, procurement, product development and marketing, manufacturing process and management, physical distribution, outsourcing of services, performance control and quality checks and warehousing. Currently there is a person called Mike who owns Salt MakerPlace that has offered to manufacture TwinScope View. It costs $7 to make a lens, $30 to operate the CNC machine to make the lens boards and a labor cost of $75 for two TeamScope View or $50 for three or more TeamScope View. The overall cost for manufacturing a TeamScope View becomes $80 per piece. This price is good at the moment considering that a piece of TeamScope View is been sold for $350, however, it is prudent for the business to check whether this cost can be reduced. Moreover there are other costs such as transport; marketing and branding that will still be included in the overall product cost. If outsourcing of the product is considered from China, the business can use Alibaba website to locate potential manufacturers. The cost of outsourcing a lens from China is very low, Acrylic Biconvex lens are sold for $0.35 per piece for 100 pieces while glass optical lenses are sold for $1.0 per

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