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Crimes Essay

Crime hold openion is a study responsibility of integrity enforcement organizations. It is necessity to promote and maintain slumber and bon ton to the fellowship by executing measures that lessens or diminishes discourtesy rates as wedged by fairnessbreakers in society. Several solutions exploit about the decrease in nuisance rates in the community. These solutions do non lonesome(prenominal) depend on the roles and responsibilities anticipate to be carried out by fairness enforcement agencies, but also require cooperation from the battalion in communities and the government. Crime prevention should be a group effort be app bent movement the exit to prevent villainy is every geniuss concern.With this in mind, one possible solution for plague prevention is motivating the community to be vigilant and cooperative in resolveing to nefarious offenses. faithfulness enforcement agencies cannot prevent crime without the attention of new(prenominal) members of the co mmunity. In this case, the roles of victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers ar magnified. When victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers run through roughshod offenses of any gravity or kind, they should report it to the police. This catches the attention of righteousness enforcement agencies allowing them to respond to the situation in a incidentally and apposite manner.Aside from experiencing criminal offenses, raft should be able to inform the police of concerns regarding potential offenses observed in the community. Staying one step ahead is better, and by making known the police of concerns or observations, impartiality enforcement agencies be able to plan ahead to prevent crimes from happening. Another bearing to prevent crime is by being cautious or vigilant about oneself and his surroundings. People should seclude prophylactic measures in swan to entertain themselves, their property, and other people from the harmful disposition of offenses.This includes followi ng tips on safety precautions as advised by the state, law enforcement agencies, and implicated citizens or private organizations (HCSO, 2008). Engaging in a joint effort by the propinquity, such as the establishment of neighborhood watch groups, is also one possible way to reduce or pass on crime. Crime prevention does not only necessitate cooperating with the police, but also with other members of the community. Neighborhood watch groups are sedate of people from a neighborhood who are concerned with the communitys safety and are willing to provide economic aid to law enforcement agencies for crime prevention.Through collaborationism and teamwork, people in the neighborhood are able to counter crime by evaluating their neighborhood and determining what steps to concord in order to increase peace and order in their area. (Solutions for America, 2003) Technology and innovation also play a major part in reducing or eliminating crimes committed by offenders in the community. integrity enforcement agencies riding habit information technology in order to prevent crime and engender offenders.Crime rates, data sheets, and other priming information about crimes, criminals, usual victims, and environments where crimes dis game place, etc. re stored electronically in a database managed and maintained by law enforcement agencies. Through this system or database, law enforcement agencies are able to share or view this information whenever needed for interview when it comes to predicting criminals patterns of potential risks that may cause the cosmetic surgery in crime rate in a particular situation. (SCRA, 2008) Continuous look and innovative techniques are being use by private organizations in order to improve technologies that are being employ by law enforcement agencies.For instance, the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center or NLECTC is active in research and experimentation in order to improve the quality, features, and funct ions of law enforcement technologies, making them more suited for crime prevention and criminal capture. Since technology demands graduate(prenominal) fees, it is the role of the state or federal official government to allocate funds for this cause because technological advancement improves the performance of law enforcement agencies.Using technology automates law enforcement work, making it more efficient and timely in crime prevention. SCRA, 2008) Some of the gadgets that law enforcement use that assists in reducing or eliminating crimes committed by offenders include precipitateweight eubstance armors, drug-recognition tools (through pupil scanning), cars (such as the Lotus Exige S which increases road safety for police officers oddly when in pursuit), gunshot location technologies (computer that supervises particularised areas to detect gun shots), video news softwares for computers (may be used in houses, affair companies, etc. or surveillance purposes), lead Incapacitat or (it is a flashlight which emits LED light that restrains individuals when they look directly at it), and arm robots (apparently, some robots are utilized by law enforcement agencies by arming it with taser guns. (Gizmag, 2008) snap on rehabilitating crime offenders is also a plausible way in preventing criminal offenses. reviving Justice is one way of rehabilitating criminals in order to reintegrate them behind into society.It includes motivating jailed offenders to contribute to the community as a form of penalty. Restorative Justice also focuses on restoring damage to the victim and the community as a result of criminal actions taken by offenders. As a way to wages for crime offenses committed by offenders, they should be able to take necessary actions to patch up the relationship between the victim and the community to the offender.Through the penalties imposed to criminals, they are able to learn how to become liable and cooperative citizens who area belt to cite the r ight decisions. Moreover, restorative justice eliminates recidivism because it provides offenders the stake to correct their mistakes and become a important and accountable part of society.

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