Thursday, November 21, 2019

Mousetrap by Agatha Christie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mousetrap by Agatha Christie - Essay Example When the culprit is caught, everyone is shocked and relieved. The play comes to an end with the Ralstons exchanging anniversary gifts. There are eight inhabitants of Monkswell Manor. There are Mollie and Giles Ralston who are the hosts. Christopher Wren is the most suspicious one since he behaves in a peculiar manner. Mrs Boyle is an old woman who is never pleased by anything and only talks to complain about something or the other. Her presence is not appreciated by anybody and she is later killed in the hotel. Mr Paravicini is a foreigner. Major Metcalf has retired from army and later we find out is a policeman in disguise. Miss Casewell is an odd woman who seems to have had a difficult childhood. She turns out to be the sister of the escaped murderer. The last guest is Detective Sergeant Trotter who is not actually a man of law but one defying it. He is, in fact, the killer and Miss Casewell’s brother. Later in the play we find out that Trottor - also called Georgie - is the man behind the murders. His awful childhood led him to first killing Mrs Lyon who did not take care of him or his siblings, resulting in the death of one of them. Then he strangles Mrs Boyle since she sent them under Mrs Lyon’s responsibility. He tries to kill Mrs Mollie Ralston whose help he had asked for but not received. He is not successful in his attempt but it is clear that despite the time passed, Georgie still carried the grudge with him. It affected him mentally till he took matters in his own hands to take revenge, planning deaths of the people who he thought did him wrong. Agatha Christie has a great way with words but speaking them out loud makes quite a difference too. Mrs Boyle always gives off the air of a woman unimpressed with the world. Mollie has these naive comments to say. Miss Casewell slips up at times, giving off the look of someone always occupied with something else. All the characters have a certain way of

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