Friday, November 1, 2019

Sttafing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sttafing - Essay Example Researches should be done on all departments. Senior management should come up with cross-functional teams that are set to improve the performance of an organization. This piece of work is a close look of staffing issues that cause collapse of companies. The case used is Candle Light Inc., a company that trades in telecommunication, manufacturing and supply. The issues that affect companies are resultant of the leadership (i.e. strong or weak). Weaknesses of a company’s leadership can be manifested in the reluctance in implementation of issues that arise within the company. Among the most prevalent issues that affect the staff of a company adversely are such like leadership vision and the vision of the company, team work failure, and lack of reinforcement of skills and knowledge, as well as poor communication. Candle Light Company Inc. is threatened by a leadership that has no vision and has no commitment to the vision of the company. The board of directors is acting against a CEO who addresses the issues that threaten the company. In their lack of vision for the company, they manifest a level of lack of transparency for they retain the vice president of human resource and administration who is less productive. They have failed to adjust their plans with the changing world trends. For example, they continue to retain workers that were trained many decades ago who have not refreshed their training. Refreshing would have made them more conversant with current trends of business within the world. The administration has not done any research that would identify the needs of their customers. The leadership has manifested lack of professionalism. They engaged in property damage when they failed to agree on a labor contract. Team work has failed terribly in the staff of Candle Light Inc. Leaders such as the senior Vice president for human resource administration insists on his stand. He

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