Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Description of African immigrants living in the U.S Essay

Description of African immigrants living in the U.S - Essay Example At the end of 1970s, African immigrants constitute around 2 percent of total legally accepted immigrant population in America. In the subsequent decades their share in total immigrant population increased, but not very significantly. For example, in 1980s as well as in 1990s, their share in total immigrant population stands at a level around 3 percent. (Gordon, 92-94, Arthur, 1-2) The countries of Africa from where migration of people to America is mostly taking place over the years are â€Å"Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia, Cape Verde, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia and the Horn of Africa (Mainly Ethiopia, Somalia, and Eritrea)† (Arthur, pp. 2). Among all these countries, Nigeria constitutes the highest percentage of African immigrants in U.S.A. followed by Ethiopia. For example, in 1998, 17 percent of total African immigrants in U.S.A. cane from Nigeria, while 13 percent came from Ethiopia. According to a report published by Immigration and Naturalisation Service in 1971, most of the African immigrants came to America from the northern part of the continent, particularly from countries like Egypt and Morocco. However, over the years immigration from North Africa has slowed down significantly, while immigration from Sub-Saharan countries has got a high pace. The African immigrants in U.S.A. can be treated as a part of the brain drain process, i.e. the pr ocess of migration of talent on an international basis, from less developed countries to the industrialized developed nations of the world. Most the African immigrants presently living in America have already gathered experiences of urban life and interstate migration within their own countries prior to their arrival in the land of America with a hope to further enhance the prospects of their future. (Arthur, 1-2) Over the years, number of Africans living in U.S.A with an expectation of better life has increased. For examples, during 1970, around 61,463 Africans were living in America, while by 1980, this

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