Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Investigating of British Consumer Behavior for Red Bull Essay

Investigating of British Consumer Behavior for Red Bull - Essay Example Survey questionnaires would be administered to select (about 100) college students with prior permission of the college authorities, after informing them of the purpose of the research. Qualitative date would be collected through face-to-face interview with proper analytical questions that can bring out the actual need of the consumer. Data from the survey questionnaires would be analysed through bar charts and pie charts while primary data from the interviews would be interpreted along with the theories of consumer behavior. Project time scale has been presented in the research proposal. Investigating of British Consumer Behavior for Red Bull Introduction Beverages market in the UK has been of interest to the marketers because of the trend of engaging in health and energy drinks. The key driver of sales growth in the energy drinks market has been healthy diet choices and healthy alternatives of which energy drink is a part. According to Langlois (2005) energy drinks market including soy-based/yoghurt drinks, sports/energy drinks are preferred over soft drinks. Health products can attract premium pricing and premium pricing means higher profit margins. Stimulants are believed to have a bad taste but this is not the case with Ant Natural Stimulation, which raises energy levels, helps fight ageing and enhances sexual vigour. The British consumers have become health conscious and would prefer to consume energy drinks (Functional Ingredients, 2002). Red Bull too is an energy drink and its selling proposition is that increases stamina and mental concentration (Berg, 2005). Red Bull is a kind of energy tonic, which has the potentiality to strengthen physical power and concentration level up to the mark. They advertise for their product as a drink â€Å"for the morning after over-doing it† (Smit & Rogers, 2002). Red Bull containing sucrose and caffeine has the potential to boost the energy levels. With a very high level marketing strategy, this energy drink is available in 100 countries all the world. It also boasts of a successful ratio of selling among its targeted mass, the young people and the athletes. Skillful marketing campaign and excellent distribution with good attractive packaging, this energy drink has owned the market with a successful grade. The main targeted mass for the owner of this he alth business, Dietrich Mateschitz, is to get the commercial approval. This was tough to get as the drink contains three times more caffeine than any normal health drinks. The European mass was unfamiliar with such energy drinks and as a result almost 50% of the consumers labeled it as something acidic. However, with a proper distribution and marketing strategy with young icons this drink sustain in the market (web, 2004). This paper proposes to investigate British consumer behavior for Red Bull. This is considered important because there have been reports that Red Bull has been banned in France, classified as a medicine in Norway, and in Japan it was available only at the pharmacies (BBC News, 2001). Three people are believed to have died in Sweden following drinking the Red Bull. Deaths in Europe and America have also been linked to Red Bull without proof of course. It is still considered as a drink that ‘gives you wings’ and has become the epitome of cool for the dot .com revelers at clubs and pubs from Los Angeles to Singapore. Question and Justification of This Paper: The quality of the product is not important for the study here; how

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