Saturday, September 7, 2019

Global Strategic Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Global Strategic Marketing - Essay Example This study will emphasize on identifying the global strategies applied by Subway through relevant theoretical explanations. The study will further focus on revealing the global strategies applied by the company when marketing its products in the foreign markets. Global Strategy of Subway The global presence of Subway has been significantly influenced by its expansion strategies. It can be stated in this regard that Subway has been recent facing a highly fluctuating environment deciphering changing customers’ demands as well as immature market dimensions. Contextually, Subway has adopted a new franchising model, which could be beneficial for effective development of stores and provide better services to customers and thus reward greater competitive advantages in the global market context. To mitigate the problems or restrictions in global expansion when penetrating into foreign markets, Subway adopted the strategy of supporting as well as encouraging franchisees in the internat ional markets which rewarded the company with enhanced competitive features. Additionally, Subway also focused on featuring information of the company through websites in German, French and Spanish along with English and various other languages which further enhanced the reachability of the organization to customers belonging from various cultural contexts (Griffin, 2007). It can be stated that with the application of franchising strategies, different activities performed by Subway, such as internal operations, management of stores, loyalty of customers proved to be beneficial for the organization in handling the process effectively. It also proved helpful in generating greater revenue by maintaining continuously increasing productivity and developing stronger alignment with the local community. This particular global strategy adopted by Subway targeted customers belonging to the age group of 23-40 years in the urban areas who were observed to absorb a greater effect of globalizatio n and thus reduced the chances of socio-cultural conflicts between the American (home country of Subway) and the local cultures. The organization further focused on recruiting local people in its franchisee stores which added to the convenience of the local customers in the foreign markets. When applying its global strategies, the company also ensured that the products served by Subway are of high quality as well as cheap for ordinary local customers (Dong, 2011). Theoretical Explanation of Global Expansion Strategy of Subway Global expansion strategy of Subway has been adopted in order to maintain its effective growth in foreign market context as well as gaining competitive advantages. Contextually, expansion of a food venture in foreign markets contemplates several revolving issues such as searching for quality supplies for the preparation of sandwiches with fresh, nutritional and organic ingredients (Ghemawat, 2004). Hence, it can be stated that Subway maintains â€Å"gold stand ard of quality† while entering into international markets. For maintaining its efficiency in the global market context, Subway also provides training to the owners of new franchises across the globe as well as adapting to dimensions of culture as well as language barriers. Similar to other restaurant chains, while entering in

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