Thursday, October 17, 2019

History Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

History - Assignment Example The state of Pennsylvania introduced a prison with the prisoners stayed alone and were given bibles to keep them company. The Auburn system was adapted by most of the states where the prisoners slept in solitary cells and were allowed to work in groups and the prisons products were sold to the outside market (Zinn 20). The middle class evangelicals had an assumption that crime; family violence, poverty, poverty and most of the social ills were linked to massive alcoholism (Douglass, Blassingame and McKivigan 17). They argued that a country with sober citizens would lead to a crime free society with minimal or no violence at all. The country will be characterized with happy homes and less noisy streets. Other reformed includes those from the utopians; it became radical to abolitions and feminists. Most of the members who formed the first convention on women rights were all from the antislavery and missionary societies in the world. They attacked hierarchy and patriarchy in all the possible forms (Stanton et al. 12). Majority of the women started from realizing their personal perspective that the social reforms applied mostly to them and started thinking of themselves as humans and women respectively. Then there was the convention of the Seneca Falls that recognized noted the teachings of Jesus that made distinction between the roles of men and women (Moses 20). Women at the convention came up with a manifesto known as The Declaration of Sentiments that was based on the declaration of independence. They specifically wanted to be given their rights to vote and complained that the political system of the American people separated those people who count from those who don’t. The ideology of the northern social reforms applied to slavery more clearly than to any other institution. The talk of the American Revolution of universal natural rights lead to the creation of conundrum regarding the

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