Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Strategic leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Strategic leadership - Essay Example In the process of delivery of services, all stakeholders should be involved actively in carrying out each role without causing delays or failures in the whole system of operation in the company (Baisya, 2010, p.4-7). These plans are the strategies and a company implements them so that it can ensure orderliness in operation as well as proper delegation of duties to different employees at specific times. The process of performance of duties involves different people in the company and ought to contribute to their wellbeing by focusing their effort to fulfil common goals as set out in the company strategies. The goals in a company mark the milestones that all employees should attain to ensure that it can thrive in its environment and compete favourably with its rivals. Companies implement strategies in areas that have potential of boosting the productivity and others areas which need enhancement to contribute positively to high profitability. The company leaders lay down strategies and supervise them to ensure that every employee has a duty, which they can be accountable of, even when other activities take place within or away from the organisational supervisors. In the process of implementation of services, a company may reform some of their strategies to conform to the market need of the prevailing time so as to remain relevant and productive. The leaders in such a company implement such steps so that they can ensure that it remains adaptive to the different environment and ensure it has a competitive advantage over its rivals in similar business competing over similar customers (Unhelkar, Ghanbary and Younessi, 2010, p.57). News Corporation is a media company, which operates in different parts of the world by supplying videos, producing and selling newspapers and other ways of communicating to the public. The company has always adopted different strategies that have enabled it to remain relevant in the market and have served to advance its position in the news industry. The leadership of News Corporation has always drove and enhanced strategies of the company by leading the process of decision making, which lead to taking of various courses of action that ensured its success in all of its activities. News Corporation, through its various stakeholders engaged its leaders, employees and shareholders in making decisions that have had a transforming impact to the company. Through the progress it noted when it implemented changes in its strategies; it recorded differences, noted even in the current time (Watson and Hickman, 2012, p.7). In some occasion in the past, some strategic issues that took place in News Corporation include: adoption of new organisational structures, change of leadership of the company, change of its marketing strategies among other strategies moves it used to ensure that it was productive even when the recessions and other rivalry issues threatened the its economic productivity (Lank, 2006, p.97). In the past News Corpo ration operated as one great company that was determined to establish itself in different issues and that coordinated its activities from one point. In the progress, the company through its owner and the CEO found it necessary to split the company into two integral parts, which would engage themselves in different activities. Following the agreement, between the leaders and the company shareholders, the company split into two independent companies, News Corporation and Fox Group. These companies adopted differen

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