Monday, October 21, 2019

Is the brain simply a computer essays

Is the brain simply a computer essays IS THE BRAIN IS SIMPLY A COMPUTER MADE OF MEAT? The brain is simply a computer made out of meat. First and foremost what is a brain and what is a computer? Chambers dictionary (Chambers 21st century dictionary, 1999) defines the brain, as a highly developed mass of nervous tissue that coordinates and controls the activities of the central nervous system of animals. It defines a computer as an electronic device, which processes data at great speed according to a program stored within the device. The brain is conscious and it controls most of the activity done by human such as seeing, feeling, moving, thinking to mention just a few. If the brain is simply a computer made of meat, then the computer should be conscious. Now lets define what we mean by being conscious. According to Chambers dictionary (Chambers 21st century dictionary, 1999) to be conscious is to be awake, alert and aware of ones thoughts and ones surroundings or the part of the mind that is aware of a persons self, surroundings, and thoughts and that to a certain extent determines choices of action. The computer is just a machine and it is not possible for a machine to be conscious. If a machine is conscious then it should be aware of its surroundings. A computer is not aware of its surroundings it can differentiate between being in one room and then taken to another. Now lets look at the question is the brain simply a computer made of meat? in the context of Artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from its early roots, driven by dedicated researchers. The beginnings of AI reach back before electronics, to philosophers and mathematicians such as Boole and others theorizing on principles that were used as the foundation of AI Logic. AI really began to intrigue researchers with the invention of the computer in 1943. The technology was finally available, or so it seemed, to simulate i...

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