Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Garden Essay -- Agriculture, South Central Urban Farm

The Garden, a documentary about the South Central urban farm, demonstrates the plight of the disadvantaged; it sheds light on decisions, made by the city of Los Angeles, which did not take into account the struggles and the livelihood of the three hundred farmers who planted crops to feed their families on plots of land in the South Central Farm. The city’s usage of eminent domain and the seizure of the land that leads to the destruction of the South Central Farm—which provided sustenance for more than three hundred local families—is an example of corruption in the government that further creates an hourglass economy. The Garden, which tells the story of three South Central families who fight against corruption to save their farms, unmasks the true story behind the destruction of the South Central Farm. This documentary reveals how political corruption along with personal greed further disrupts the growth of an economically disadvantaged community, allowing the v iewer to experience the emotions and struggled that are undermined by mainstream media. This political documentary allows the viewer to analyze the South Central Farm crisis through its moving presentation of how the farmers struggle to have their voices heard against politicians who refuse to listen. The Garden, exposes the blindness of the politicians to the struggles of the underprivileged in a way that allows the viewer empathize with the farmers The interview of the families delves into their backgrounds, creating a well rounded character that all can relate too. The depiction of the empowerment the farmers feel when they have land to work and food to grow appeals to the audience’s sense of justice. These farmers who live all their lives in uncertainty of being abl... ...s happening in society. This documentary would make the viewer feel that he should lobby the Los Angeles City council to better manage Eminent Domain cases so that the poor and the powerless are protected against the rich and the powerful, such as Horowitz. Documentaries are a powerful tool. By exploring personal and anecdotal perspectives, Documentaries such a The Garden successfully informs people about the political and cultural circumstances in a crisis. Albeit modern day documentaries, appeal to the sensationalism of a mainstream audience that leads to the fudging of some facts, it also leads educates the viewer about a particular problem instead of leaving them ignorant of a particular political crisis. People need not take documentaries at face value, but for more politically conscious and educated society, more people in the world must watch documentaries.

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