Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Cause and effect - Smoking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cause and effect - Smoking - Essay Example Currently, most of the smoked substances contain nicotine, which has medically been proved to have a poisonous alkaloid with inclusion of other harmful substances such as ammonia and carbon dioxide, thus giving prove to a serious health hazard association. In this regard, smoking causes a higher chance of contracting lung cancer depending on the number of cigarettes that the smoker uses on a daily basis. Similarly, the type of substance used and the period of time the smokers have practiced this behavior has an impact (Eysenck 20). According to Eysenck (33), smoking of various automatically affects different body parts and their roles. Firstly, smoking has an adverse effect on the fertility of both men and women especially when it comes to sexual performance. Consequently, most smokers are perceived to be generally unhealthy since the smoking substances such as cigar, cigarettes and pipes result to bad skin, and bad breath, which further leads to halitosis and chronic health issues. In addition, such people are known to have smelly hair and clothes as a result of consuming too much cigarettes, cigar and pipes. Additionally, smoking is that it is primarily leads to chest diseases such as pulmonary disease, stroke and heart diseases that have serious complications. As such, inhalation and exhaling of these substances directly affects chest operations. Furthermore, smoking among men has continually posed a threat to male potency as a result of the components that are found in the smoking substances (Eysenck 21). Similarly, smokers are said to be at a higher risk of experiencing low immunity levels, which is evident through frequent attacks of pneumonia, bronchitis, colds among other diseases. In general sense, the effect of smoking revolves around the brain, heart, lungs and mouth. Although most body parts are affected by smoking; the most vital part is the heart which is affected to the extent that the inhalation of the carbon

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