Thursday, August 22, 2019

Development of Curleys wife throughout the novel Essay Example for Free

Development of Curleys wife throughout the novel Essay In the novel Steinbeck’s uses social class, to separate the characters from one another especially Curley’s wife from crooks â€Å"you keep your place then nigger†, indicates to us that the social structure was different in America around 1937, a white women was above a black man. The writer showed this and showed peoples attitude of time. In addition it also gives us an insight on how it will feel like to be black.  Furthermore Steinbeck’s also describes Curley’s wife in a desperate and worried way â€Å"married two weeks†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦?† this is shown by the writer creating a tone to the quote, ending the quote with a question mark could mean that the other characters are confused to whether it would last or not, in addition it could also signify that they are doubting their relationship. Steinbeck’s use of language starts to develop more, when he goes on to describe Curley’s wife on page 53. The writer describes her in a sexual dangerous way; we know this by the writer repeating the word â€Å"red†. This indicates to us that danger awaits her; additionally it could also mean that she is seen as a â€Å"sex image†, by the other men on the ranch. This is shown by the writer using the term â€Å"fascinated†, which describes how the other men felt when they saw her. Furthermore, her body languages links to how she’s speaks, â€Å"her voice had a nasal, brittle quality† this indicates to us that she had a fragile slow voice that hypnotized men which made her sound innocent â€Å"Lennie watched her†. This quote enhances that men couldn’t keep their eyes off her, the writer makes Curley’s wife out to be a advert, says things slowly in a tempting way, portraying her as an object. In addition the writer describes Curley’s wife as a desperate insecure women that feels the need to seek attention from other men, â€Å"her body was thrown forward†, specifies to us that she is pushing herself to the situation. In the novel, Steinbeck makes the role of women in the book all to do with sex, some providing sex for the men, portraying them as sexual objects. However, some female characters are seen as either mother figures. This is in contrast to Curley’s wife which is seen as a women who keeps degrading herself â€Å"Curley’s married a tart† this enhances to us that the men on the ranch have no respect for her, this is shown by referring to her as a â€Å"tart† which could also include how the way she dresses in a sexual seductive way to cover up her insecurities. However Curley’s wife may want to dress up because it makes her feel good about herself and she does have the time since her husband is quite wealthy. Moreover, in the novel Of Mice and Men, the writer John Steinbeck makes it out to be women are inferior to men, this is shown by making Curley’s wife the only women on the ranch. Furthermore, the writer also describes Curley’s wife in a detailed sympathy way and this makes the writer feel sorry for her â€Å"you better go home now†, indicates to us that Curley’s wife is in a place that she is not meant to be, it also shows how isolated she is, this is shown by using the term â€Å"quietly† which shows to us that she is being sneaky about the situation, furthermore it also shows us that she isn’t allowed to communicate with other men which gives us an insight about her, that she doesn’t have any friends on the ranch, she has to do it discretely, this shows that Curley doesn’t trust her and she feels protected in the hands of the other men on the ranch, this creates a sense of security. Furthermore, the writer John Steinbeck’s in a way describes Curley’s wife as a dog, metaphorically speaking â€Å"bitch please†, which shows to us that she is described as female dog, rather than a human being which implies to us that she is not an important person, which links with Candy’s dog, which both have something in common, they both died. In addition when they are described or mentioned in the book John Steinbecks makes it sound like they are the subject or object in the sentence. It also shows the insignificant in both characters.

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