Thursday, August 8, 2019

Worker compensation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Worker compensation - Essay Example nd the companies with modified duty programme to be better, and for these reason insurance companies normally lower the business workers’ compensation premiums for such companies. Placing the injured employees into modified work programme makes the employees to realize that time off of work is a rare event, and not a paid vacation. This move in consequence discourages the employees dishonestly requesting for paid vacations. Another advantage of implementing modified duty programme is that the employees will work within their ability, thus helping the Company to getting productive work its employees; the modified duty programme also makes the employees to return to their regular jobs faster. Modified duty programme also allows the employees to easily get into their normal routine, thus preventing the employees from being overwhelmed with work. This programme also makes the employees to feel important and appreciated by the Company for which they work. The employees under the mo dified work programme are paid by the Company and they are allowed to resume their work earlier. Modified duty programme also helps Companies to maintain a well-informed workforce, which of big advantage to the Company. An effective light/modified duty programme gives a detailed description of each work done in the work place. Since supervisors and managers are aware of the work being done within a business organization, they can make a list of all work done in the business organization. There is need for uniformity on the format for how everything is written down and described in the Company. With this kind of information, employees can easily find jobs that suit injured employees. Bearing in mind the common workplace injuries, the employees can plan beforehand on what kinds of jobs can be done with the employees with certain injuries. There is need for effective communication between the medical providers and the Company in which the Company informs the medical providers of the kind

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