Saturday, August 10, 2019

Energy Production on Gym Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Energy Production on Gym - Essay Example The water containers also are made up of plastic which practically litters in every gym. Plastic is an environment hazard because it is non-biodegradable and is there to stay in our environment as a pollutant for a very long time. The discrepancy between the environmental consciousness of the gym customers and actual operation of a gym presents a timely opportunity for an entrepreneur who would be venturing into a green gym. The idea of a green gym can still be considered as a sunshine industry because it is a new trend in the fitness industry and is a departure the current operation of most gyms today can still be considered as environmentally hazardous. Sunshine industry is an industry that grows quickly and is expected to grow steadily in the future (investorwords). Sunshine industry could be profitable since the market it intends to carve its niche is still underserved. The present customer of the gym can be considered as a captive market because they are likely to welcome the idea of a green gym because of their intention to live healthy. If the marketing strategy and positioning of the green gym business will prove to be successful, it could expand its client base to include those who are environmentally conscious. The market of the green gym can extend and include the environmentalist which is also a huge segment of the market. If a significant portion of this segment of the market can be translated into actual clientele by enticing them with the green operation of the gym, this could be a huge addition to the present customers of the green gym and will surely have a significant impact on the bottom line of the business. Customers will expect that the green gym will be environmentally clean in its operation and that the carbon foot print of its operation is minimal if any. Meaning, its operation consumes very

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