Friday, August 23, 2019

US Role in the Middle East Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

US Role in the Middle East - Research Paper Example Over a certain period of time, the US influence has increased in the Middle East in order to ensure that stability is maintained in the region. To achieve the objectives of strengthening democracy, achieving stability as well as economic development, the United States has remained one of the most instrumental players in the region. However, it is critical to note that the overall role of the US is not just maintaining stability but also to gain more and more control of oil and other energy resources available in the region. Therefore, the economic interest is perceived as one of the key reasons as to why the US and other powers actively pursue stability within the region. However, it is critical that the US and other superpowers should not directly be involved in the overall affairs of the Middle East as their involvement is largely driven by their self-interests rather than the welfare of people living in the region. This paper will argue that US involvement in the Middle East is largely based on its economic interests. Like most of the world, the Middle East also remained under the occupation of colonial forces and the region as a whole has its own history of fighting colonialism. However, years of stereotyping and general dissent against Islam, western powers including the US continued to pursue in order to further their own national interests. Years of economic interests in the region and the deliberate role of the US in the region has created a negative impression about the Middle East and Arabs. Even films made in modern times have depicted Arabs as bad people from rogue states with evil objectives. (Shah) Therefore, many see the role of US in the Middle East from a cultural and historical perspective because this was the region, which effectively fought against during Crusades and occupied parts of Europe

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