Monday, June 10, 2019

A Manifesto Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

A Manifesto - Essay ExampleWith regard to its artistic qualities, it has the qualities of beauty, harmony and symmetry where none can be taken or added that would not impair the totality of the design.My initial role in design is to jump learn to create a good design. A good design requires multidisciplinary approach which includes ability to draw, manipulate computer, take pictures, understand color theories and to create concepts by means of images that people could understand. After learning these things, my role then transformed to be able inspire, create, improve and learn. I believe that a good design is a product of inspired moment that is aptly captured and have fleshly attri thate for others to be inspired as well. That process of giving inspiration a physical attribute so that others may see is the creative process of drive homeing the inspiration. This creative process however is never completed and must constantly be improved to optimize the best design possible. On my end, I must also continue to learn so that I can better render the inspiration that I have.I treat design as an artwork. My value towards it similar to fine artists and painters who would first look and feel for an inspiration and then gather in that emotion to be felt in their work. I could also say that my life is reflected in my designs. It is because my design is the expression of myself. And myself is the collection of my experience, knowledge, beliefs, hopes, aspirations, my sense of beauty, or anything that make me a person. And this is expressed and seen in my design. Getting it out of me to make a good design is not an easy process and could take time but I believe that it will be worth the effort because the output would surely be beautiful.My personal values about design are a lot. Firstly, I truly believe that art imitates life. In this aspect, graphic design is one of the expressions of art. Design is an expression

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