Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Critical analysis on an article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Critical analysis on an - Article Examplethough this type of research is non new by any stretch of the imagination, the rigor and thorough nature of the datasets and graphs that the authors present help to engender a floor of well reasoned argument with which the reader can both understand as well as identify with.Although the weakness of the approach are not specifically enumerated upon, the authors begin the piece by discussing the ways in which the study of directional evolution risks over-simplifying the subject matter and ultimately reducing the research apparent movement to a form of what came first the chicken or the egg. As a means of addressing such a threat, the piece seeks to lay out a firm and rigid framework of analysis which does not allow any form of broad generalizations on the subject matter (Whittall et al 706). As farther as influencing the views of this particular student and providing a bigger picture conclusions, it can be definitively stated that the result s that the piece has proven leave little if any suspect in the mind with regards to the clear and inarguable nature of directional evolution and the means through which it occurs. As a function of the bigger picture, this can be understood to re-affirm Darwins original theory and helps to shed a further light on the ways in which individual species evolve, grow, and develop over

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