Sunday, June 16, 2019

Three Main Concepts Of Leisure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Three Main Concepts Of Leisure - Essay ExampleThe past experiences, leisure have been defined as the unaffectionate snip or something that one wants to do freely. Others define it as relaxing and spare time or time for doing nothing. The approach is different from the considered diverse because the translation of the term is not static but dynamic. Therefore, the first concept of the leisure is defined as time. In this definition, leisure is defined as the time that allows an individualist to have greater freedom. For instance, if the work schedules offer time off, the time that one has to do his own stuff can be considered leisure. However, the definition of free time is challenging based on the concept of free. Freedom is a factor that is defined by the culture and the nature of the society. For working class, it may be considered as the off time given by the company or the organization. However, the case becomes complex if looking at the retired persons because the definition changes completely because the available time increases therefore making the situation complex when looking at leisure as a time-based pillowcase. Leisure can also be defined as the bodily process which is considered as leisurely. The Greek definition of leisure is a serious activity without pressure. It means that the activity is not done as a compulsory subject but is defined done by ones personal appeal. While addressing the challenge of leisure as an activity, it is evident that all the activities done cannot be classified as leisure with some considering playing softball as leisure. While activity as leisure offers an absurd ideology, others consider leisure as the stat of existence or mind which can be addressed differently and handled based on the mood contemplation. The difference of ideologies are different but do not address the challenge of definition differences. The challenge of the word is the diverse nature of the activities and states associated leisure.

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