Thursday, June 20, 2019

Virtue and trust Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Virtue and trust - Essay ExampleTopic SentencesEntertainment media have in most cases brought out morality as an cistron that is dependent on well-disposed status. It has brought out the society as one full of favourism and one that is inclined towards benefiting only those living within the high social classes. However, it is quite incorrect to classify people as more or less moral based on their economic statuses. It places the society in an glutinous position of everyone wanting to exist in the middle class and above zones so as to be acceptable in the society. It creates an imbalance thereby creating a general negative stereotype that places the working class in a situation forcing them to struggle to move to upper economic classes. As such, it is quite hapless that this stereotype has taken precedence in the entertainment media that is quite common with most of people in this world. There are substantial reasons supporting the situation that virtue is not much dependable on the economic class that one belongs in. Some of these reasons are discussed herein.ReasonMovie producers have in their business processes lightened up the much needed light in the society with respect to how the world observes morality. Morality is a personality theme meaning that it cannot be a society attribute but more of a personal conviction. It is the path of right followed by individuals. It is defined by an existence and is independent of social status. As such, it cannot be acquired by use of money or wealth.

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