Saturday, June 15, 2019

PERSONAL ETHICS ACTION PLAN Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

PERSONAL ETHICS ACTION PLAN - Assignment ExampleMy personal conviction is to do good to all even to those that have done evil to me. I want to serve God with all my mind and spirit and achieve consistency with Him. I want to do my best in contributing to the society in the way of social work, community programs, and propagating hope in these last days. To be more precise, I want to follow the golden rule that recommends doing to others what you want others to do to yourself.I have absorbed a lot from my parents and grandparents from my infancy. As I grew, I researched holy books, philosophy and read worlds great thinkers. I practised my values to understand the world and myself. I learnt how to behave and veritable my own personal set of morals. The in discrepancies in human behavior made me think of my value system. It strengthened it further than weakening my system.I got knobbed in education and this helped me understand how the mind of a child functions and how maturity is at tained. I witnessed the process objectively. I could even see people getting into the use of drugs for escape from reality. I was too deep rooted in my values that I said a strong no to everything to be considered old fashioned odd person. My moral convictions helped me withstand peer pressure. My personal experience only made me realize how difficult it is for people to accept reality. I learnt to be arouse always and stay away from illusions and get deceived by them.Probing questions about life and its meaning posed deep interest to me. Service held a exceptional meaning. Love lies in serving and not being served. To love a person is to exercise it. Help the needful, support the poor, listen to the frustrated ones. I nip that life is to be guided by the values and morals one upholds. Being stronger in the convictions help building a better personality that is two flexible to accept people as they are and strong in not giving up the

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