Monday, May 13, 2019

Research Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

look into Methods - Essay ExampleTo increase the potency of seek, it may be inspection and repairful to implement multiple investigate modes that are divided on soft and quantitative. However, each search method has its own positive and negative sides, some of which will be mentioned in the current paper. A bright example of pragmatic approach will be analyzed to show the role and effectiveness of specific research methods. Introduction Each science is based on the facts that can be veritable with the abet of relevant and complete streams of information. All spheres of gracious life, including economical, political, technological, educational and social aspects, never stop progressing. However, to cope with valid results and make germane conclusions, researchers require using specific research methods that can be characterized with a great abundance (McNeill & Chapman 2005). It is fair to state that each research approach has its pros and cons that is why for every resear ch problem, the choice of the best methods should be made with special seriousness otherwise incorrect and irrelevant research techniques may bring the study to invalid and erroneous findings (Freeman, Robinson & Woodley 2004). Research philosophy In its widest meaning, the word method can be interpreted as a way to something and represents more an artificial than existed in personality the system of rules and operations (Kothari 2006). Basically, research methods are implemented to gather the full data base with the help of which a researcher is able to make appropriate conclusions and elaborate further recommendations on how to benefit from well-fixed consequences or eliminate the negative influence. According to Walliman (2011, p. 7), research methods are all about advancing the frontiers of association. The usage of various research methods for one study increases the accuracy of the findings and helps to view the problem from the different aspects. Research approach The brig ht example of research combination is the study of Luthans and Sommer, who based their results on both qualitative and quantitative methods. The article emphasizes how seriously the market conditions have been changed compared to previous periods of intersectionion relationships. Hence, the favorable results of each associations performance are influenced by managements policy aimed at the improvement of product characteristics, raise of product quality, decrease of total costs, increase of productivity and superiority over competitors (Luthans & Sommer 2005). It is important to influence the target consumers that offered brand is better than the rest of analogues and it is considered that such scheme can be achieved only with the help of strong knowledge base of the companys personnel, effective training programs, professional skills of senior managers and pleasing motivational factors. The study provides extensive demonstration on how relevant management of human resources corr elates with companys financial results. The main purpose of the mentioned research is to represent proofs regarding the significant impact of the efficacious system of human resource management on the favorable performance of an organization. The further objective of the study is

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