Thursday, May 9, 2019

STEWARTSHCES Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

STEWARTSHCES - Essay ExampleWithin 1 day, effect in spite of appearance the relevant departments must participate optimally in establishing the relationship between existing promotional techniques and corresponding sales revenue generated.Upon linking promotional technique with resultant sales revenue, the next step involves evaluating hail of each promotion strategy. Each technique possesses unique advantages and disadvantages. On the second day, cost of direct poster or in-store signs must be harmonized with budgeted resources.A meeting with all store managers should be held within 2 weeks. After analyzing effectiveness of promotional techniques and their corresponding costs, information gained will be useful in making objective marketing decisions. The president will use this information in influencing the managers perspective on advertisement.Upon completion of the meeting, each manager will present his or her opinion on challenges give carely to emanate from the new marketi ng policies. Opinions from individual managers will be analyzed and addressed accordingly, like by increasing monetary allocation to a certain managers area.Some managers and buyers may become uncomfortable with adopted promotional measures. For example, disparity in consumers age characteristics may not furnish implementation of social media marketing in all markets. Therefore, appropriate adjustments will be made in order to optimize promotional technique use in every market segment.Stewart Shoes is currently doing well in terms of sales. Since its establishment in 1953, this company has expanded because it adopted effective barter models. However, business environments keep changing hence necessitating adjustment of operation protocols. Adjustment of traditional business manakin usually creates conflict between stakeholders. Currently, managers from various departments have diverse opinions on the value of money used in advertisement and

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