Wednesday, May 1, 2019

TLMT312 WEEK 4 FORUM Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

TLMT312 WEEK 4 FORUM - appointee ExampleThere is a distinction between rank and rating. Rate is the price per hundred weights to take up an individual product between two locations. It is listed on pricing sheets or tariffs. Various products in assorted classes are charged different rates. Rate is determined by weight and size of the product.Rating involves find the appropriate, legal, economical rates and routes for the transportation of foreign and domestic freight through any or only modes of transportation. These determinations are made according to published classification, tariff, and tariff routings. Rating also involves development of narratives and exhibit materials and uniform information to be used by others to negotiate and requested rates. In addition, it may also include preparation of materials concerning rate matters in cases to be presented to representatives of the carriers, regulatory bodies, and the courts. The goal of the assessment is to establish the ap propriateness of classification, routes, rates and carriers actions (Gianpaolo & Laporte, 2004).Classification and rate depend on the grade. Rating determines the appropriateness of classification and rates. Once products are shipped they must be classified for various reasons. Classification helps to determine the rates for each

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